How many hotel welcome bags?

So we reserved a block of rooms for our guests..hotel would only allow us to reserve 20 rooms. My FMIL told some relatives about it before invites went out..so by the time everyone got invitations, our block had already sold out. I know for a fact there are people staying at the hotel that are not a part of the block. I don't see how the hotel would have any idea who is staying for our wedding if I were to call and ask.

Trying to decide how many hotel welcome bags to do. My aunt thought 30 would be good. I just have no idea, unless I were to text everyone and ask "oh hey are you staying at the hotel?"

Any ideas on how to go about this? Would 30 gift bags be ok to do and apologize to those who don't get one, if there are people that end up not getting one? How did you all go about this if you did welcome bags?

Re: How many hotel welcome bags?

  • If you are doing welcome bags for OOT guests you need to do them for all of the guests.  Don't just guess how many people are going to be there.  Will people be staying at other hotels?  My personal opinion is that you need to have bags for them too.  People shouldn't get a special treat just because they stayed at your preferred hotel.  Imagine the conversations at your reception when someone starts talking about the cute welcome bag they got and other people are like "what welcome bag" because you didn't have enough or they stayed at the "wrong" hotel.  It's going to be awkward and reflect poorly on you.  

    I vote skip the bags and save yourself the headache and the expense.  
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    I would just skip the bags.  Honestly, unless you are including a full on dinner and a bottle of wine and a cake for dessert, the typical welcome bags are filled with pointless stuff that I am more then capable of getting myself in the hotel gift store.

  • I agree with others, if you're not sure exactley how many people will be staying at the hotel, skip the welcome bags. Instead what about having a table set up towards the end of your reception with bottles of water and maybe a bag of chips/cookies that people can take with them. Just make sure you have enough to cover all guests. I couldn't imagine a guest that wouldn't appreciate being able to take a bottle of water for the hotel/trip home.
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    I'm going to agree with others - I would go either all or nothing. If you'd like to do welcome bags, have you or your FH get a hold of all of your out of town guests and inquire as to their hotel arrangements, or just skip it completely - it'll save you quite a bit of time and money.
  • Do one for everyone -- I had booked my room for myself, mom, and sister at a recent wedding under an employee rate (which was cheaper than the block), and while I understood why we didn't get welcome bags, my mom and sister were really disappointed - plus we had to run around to figure out what was going on. Partially my fault for being cheap LOL, but people do things like that all the time.
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