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Getting in Shape

21 Day Fix

Hello ladies! Have any of you ever tried the "21 Day Fix" diet plan? Its a diet about portion control. One of the attorneys at work was telling me about it. She is getting ready to start and is going to give me feedback but just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it.

Re: 21 Day Fix

  • I haven't heard of it, but really anyone with common sense can exercise portion control! 
  • I completed the 21 Day Fix last month. I lost 4 pounds and 17.75 inches. I know the 4 pounds doesn't sound like a lot, but I did build up a lot of muscle, and the inches I lost was awesome. I also had a lot of gains;

    1. Portion control - I can now determine the right portion sizes for me so I'm not eating until I'm stuffed.
    2. Self-control with sweets - all of my co-workers ate cupcakes in front of me Saturday night, and I wasn't tempted once. In fact, I've been thinking of all of the possible lifestyle meals I could eat today that are not part of the 21 Day Fix I was doing (cupcakes, cookies, chocolate chip pancakes, etc.), and none of them sound appealing right now.
    3. Increased energy - I actually look forward to my workout each day, and they've become a lot easier.
    4. Increased happiness and less stress - eating healthier has definitely improved my mood.

    If you have any questions about the 21 Day Fix, let me know! I'm also considering hosting a challenge group in May if you're interested!
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