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Brookstone Park Reception thoughts

My fiancé and I recently went to visit this venue and I was wondering if anyone has had their reception there and what were their thoughts. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Re: Brookstone Park Reception thoughts

  • My fiance and I will be getting married at Brookstone this May! Alex is wonderful and helpful to work with.
  • We looked there but Alex made us feel like they didn't want us to use their venue because we are getting married on a Saturday with about 125 people. He kept telling us we should do Fri or Sun instead, it left a bad impression on us. We booked at Promises to Keep in Derry and everyone there has been super nice and helpful so far.
  • That is odd to hear. I am surprised since a Saturday weddings are more expensive, you would think he would want to book. Unless he already had a wedding planned for that day. Also were you planning on having a seated meal or staions? Alex doesn't like stations, but my fiance and I stood our ground and didn't care. That is the only issue I had.


  • They seemed nice, and it's a very nice room. Don't let these venues push you around or talk you into getting something you do not want. do research and pick your own vendors and the way you want your food served, stations, sit down, buffet, and of course on the day you want. I'm surprised they pushed you into changing your date from a Saturday to a Friday or Sunday, my guess is he already had the Saturday booked and still wanted your business. We had a friend that got married there, and they were pushed into getting a Package Deal and their DJ was horrible, got all there names wrong introducing the family and played the songs they didn't want played and never played the songs they did want played, people were leaving early including us. We loved the location especially the ceremony section out on the patio area. But make sure you get what YOU want, it is your BIG Day not the venues.
  • He said they had the date available but it seemed like he wanted to keep the Saturday night open for a larger wedding so they could make more money. Also, they had higher minimums and a room charge for Saturday nights.
    We are very happy with Promises, they don't base their prices based on the day.
  • Thanks for the feedback! We ended up booking Brookstone Park for May 2015. Now we're on the hunt for a good Dj! Thanks for that insight on the vendor package Kim!
  • Honestly, if someone expressed any type of negative opinion to me or tried in any way to convince me to not do something I wanted to do, I wouldn't book there.  Nobody at our venue had anything to say other than "yes" and I appreciate that.  I would never say no or be anything but accommodating to any one of my customers.
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