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Exactly 2 weeks away !!!

I feel like I thought this time would NEVER get here..... my wedding is 2 weeks from today and im like ahhhhhh i feel like theres something im leaving out to do? what did you guys or are you doing 2 weeks out ? I've been trying to figure out what im forgetting .

Re: Exactly 2 weeks away !!!

  • My wedding is also December 22nd!!  I feel the same way...especially since we are having an "away" wedding--- we need to make sure we take everything with us- centerpiece stuff, hotel bags for the guests, toasting glasses...and the list goes on.  My left eye has been twitching for 3 weeks straight.  I'm excited but so stressed lol.
  • I feel the same, excited but stressed, my finace won't get here until the 18th since hes in the army and thats when hes able to get leave... I'm also moving in like a month so I'm debating if I want to start packing since we will be in New York for 4 days around New Years, then after that I'll have like 2 weeks for family and to pack and move.. Alot is going on. lol Congrats to you guys too :) 

  • I'm the 22nd too! Not long now, ladies!

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  • Congrats all of you!
  • Congrat. if you have prepared everything already, then just waiting. my friend su would have her wedding on 18th December. they have been loved nearly 5 years. 
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    Congratulation to everyone !
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