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    @rachelsea53 My sister's MIL gave out koozies as the favor at the rehearsal dinner. Lots of people will advise you against giving out favors that are wedding related household items - like with the bride and groom's name on it, wedding date, etc. However...FI and I do use our koozies. Especially when we're hosting a party and need koozies for everyone...so they do come in handy.

    Most people will say an edible favor is always the most appreciated because you aren't asking your guests to lug an unnecessary or potenntially useless item back to their home. We're doing gourmet cookies for our favors.

  • @lmhollister Thanks for your thoughts! I feel like koozies would be a useful thing.. even kids can use them for sodas and things. But you're right, everyone likes something edible!
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    @rachelsea53 - I do not use koozies when I receive them, heck I don't even keep them.

    So far my favorite non-edible favor has been a votive candle in a holder.  The candle itself matched the 'main' wedding color and they did go with scented (it was light blue and smelled like baby powder).

  • We are having our wedding in Louisiana and the whole theme is kinda a New Olreans kinda vibe/inspiration. I am thinking about doing a bottle of Tony Chachere's seasoning with a little cutesy note a long the lines of "thanks for helping us spice up our wedding, let us help you spice up your dinner!" or something along those lines, if I can keep it form sounding so cheesy! 

    @rachelsea53 I think for koozies, its depends on your guest age. I thought about doing those for mine cause they are so cute. But most of my guest are over the age of 30 and I know more wine drinkers then beer. I just didn't think most of them would get that much use out of a beer koozie. 
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    Ok, after reading this topic I really like the idea of providing something for the garden (both our families like to plant things in the backyard). I also like the ornament idea (and I know that Fi's mom would LOVE it, so I might just do this for her anyway since I want to get my mom something personal, so that way I'll have gifts for both mothers).
  • I finally finished my favors! Although I invested far more time and money than I had originally expected, I'm just glad they are done. My guests will be filling them up at the candy buffet. I just hope they are big enough! I'm going to put out some extra treat bags just incase.
  • We are thinking of doing a metal reusable container with M&M's for the seating chart. A sticker will be made to put at the bottom saying thank you and then on top of the container with each persons name and table number. 
    Most of our quests are coming in from out of town so everyone staying a night in the hotel will have a goodie bag with local and fun stuff.
    We are also most likely putting together a candy bar for people to put their own candy bags together.
    Maybe we do a small candle at each chair to have a non-edible favor.
    Seems like a lot...might have to narrow that down..
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