local favors?

I went to a farmer's market once and remember thinking I would love to do things from the farmer's market. They had chocolate with bits of honeycomb that were good.... and then I was also saw some wooden roses that were hand carved. Do you think anyone would like these?

Re: local favors?

  • Do edible. That chocolate sounds tasty!
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    A club at school sold wooden roses. They were cool, but not something I would want as a favor. They just collect dust.
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  • Love the chocolate/honey idea. The flower sounds nice but to be honest, not sure what I would do with it afterwards. It would probably end up in the trash or donated within a year or less. Local products is a great idea, but if possible try to stick to edible things, they are more well received.
  • Chocolate and honey are both good because they keep for a while, too. Some things that might work that farmers markets might have include chocolate, soap, candles, lotions, jars of jams, jellies, or honey. Even some cookies or something could work. I've seen dried flowers and I would personally probably prefer some dried flowers (or dried lavender or some sachet) over a wooden rose. Personally I like the honeycomb because it is a treat I wouldn't normally buy myself. 

    You might want to get some business cards or phone numbers (or just talk to vendors at the market) to see if you can get any bulk discounts or if they would even be able to accommodate your numbers. 
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  • All mentioned sound great! However, something edible is more welcome.
  • ohhh we have lots of lavendar here. I wonder if i could do something with that. It grows like crazy!
  • If it's not treated with anything (pesticides or preservatives), lavender is good for tea and baking as well! I love lavender. 
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