Barn Venue in Omaha - Is this impossible?

Hello Ladies,

My Fiance and I are trying to find a barn venue close to Omaha, NE to do a wedding around September 27, 2014.

I checked a few places so far and would really appreciate if anyone has some insight because at this point, I am getting worried that we won't be able to find the venue we need.

Here is what I am looking for:

1) ANY barn/rustic themed building where we could do a reception inside (if necessary - we will do it inside)

2) A reasonably priced venue

3) A venue that allows us to bring in our own food/cake.

Here is what I have already discovered:

Scottlyn Yard: Closed due to safety code I spoke with doesn't know when they will be back up and running.

The Lodge: Too expensive! They charge a MINIMUM of $7,000 for food and drinks....don't allow you to bring in your own food. :/ Also, they require that 30 rooms are rented at the lodge in order to fufill your contract. Which, doesnt work because all of the people will be from Omaha, and I doubt we could get 30 people to stay @ the lodge, especially b/c the price per room is around $140/night.

Glass Chapel & Banquet Barn: They only have Fridays and Sundays left and its located in Shelby, IA...which is close to Omaha.

Ackerhurt Dairy Barn: Closed :(

Bellevue Berry Farm and Pumpkin Ranch: Don't have 9/27/13 open for the barn. They only have the moose lodge room available....lets just say it is NOT ideal for a wedding.... Other than that, the prices are okay. Its about $22 a head and that includes the price of the room with each persons meal. They have to provide the beverages (alcohol).


Does anyone else know of a place with a rustic feel, that wont be too expensive, open in september???


I appreciate it.








Re: Barn Venue in Omaha - Is this impossible?

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