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XP Who hands out programs?

bobcats67bobcats67 member
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We're trying to plan our wedding ceremony, and we are not sure who should hand out programs at the church as guests arrive - and who we should have pass out whatever item(s) we use in the send-off outside the church afterwards? It feels rude to delegate that to a guest/family/friend (which is what I've seen done at weddings I've been to), so I don't want to do that, but I'm not sure how those items get handed out to everyone at the right time. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Re: XP Who hands out programs?

  • I had a few friends stand by the front door and pass them out. Although they didn't mind it one bit, I wish I hadn't. They were guests at our wedding and I gave them a JOB. That was bad.

    If I could have a do-over, I would have arranged them on a nice basket or something, and sat the basket on a table right near the front door where it would have been visible and obvious. People would have taken one if they wanted one. No need to make a human stand there passing these things out.

  • If one has "ushers" , this is their job. That's what an usher does.
  • We didn't have ushers, and we didn't want to delegate anyone to do that, so we just put the programs on a basket at the entrance.  We didn't find it necessary to physically hand them out.

    We didn't have send-off items, but you may want to ask if someone can hand those out.  Or leave them by the door and hope people pick them up.  You could even put a note in the program at the bottom that says, "Don't forget to pick up a ____ to send off the bride and groom" or something.

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    I had a house party, which is apparently a huge no-no around here, but they handed out programs.

    I like the basket idea. Just make sure you lay a few in the pews where people in the processional (like your parents or WP) will sit so they can have one.



  • Those are great ideas! I think we will use the basket idea and also set some in the front pews. We don't have ushers, but the groomsmen will be helping seat people - I may ask them to carry a handful with them as they do that, and can give them to anyone who didn't grab one on the way in. Thanks ladies!
  • Our groomsmen doubled as ushers and handed them out.
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  • Are you having any kids at your wedding? We are having our two nieces help hand out programs in the beginning and rose petals at the end. They are old enough to do it well, but young enough to be excited about having a "job."
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