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XP: Weird Wedding Dream

Had a very messed up wedding dream last night. It was all over the place. We ended up having the ceremony about 1 month before the reception (and there was only like 10 people there) and at the reception nothing went right. We forgot to bring stuff like the card box and my mom said I wasn't wearing her necklace so I sent my fiance home to go get the necklace and the card box (which is weird since we live about 40 minutes from our reception venue) so then when the DJ said it's time for the first dance, he wasn't there and he ended up missing dinner. Oh and I was wearing a black t-shirt underneath my dress because I thought it was too low cut..... That's all that I can remember lol

Re: XP: Weird Wedding Dream

  • Weird wedding dreams are the worst! I have dreams that the wedding is taking place...but only with the things and tasks I have accomplished so far! So 2 months ago they were VERY scary and stressful! Not so bad since we've accomplished more now that we're past that 3 month mark!
  • The dreams are crazy! I had those same dreams that we had the wedding but the only things accomplished were the things I'd already done. So no BM dresses, no flowers, no rings, but we had the venue and photographer there! Weird.

    My brother just had a wedding nightmare the other night too! He dreamed that he was wearing a vest and tie, but no shirt or socks. Everyone left the church before I could get there because they wanted to head to the open bar. And my grandma was crying because she got something in her hair.

    And I always thought he wasn't really listening when I talk about wedding stuff! I guess he's feeling some of my stress too!
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