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4/19/14 Wedding Reveiws Part 3 - Carmine's (Freed's Bakery), DJ Godzilla, Floral 2000, Nobu Hotel

Carmine’s –  A. I worked with Tara since October, after PJ Clarkes closed up shop and she was great!  She called me like a week before to tie up everything (menu, headcount, cake, room set-up, vendor contacts, etc) and was very helpful with suggestions.  I don’t know much about Italian food, so she had to help me out.  So I didn’t have a day of coordinator, but I also only had to deal with a DJ and a florist, so it wasn’t a big deal, and she handled everything very well.  My DJ got set up not problem, my flowers were there on the tables looking beautiful.  I was very satisfied.  The food was coming out  like clockwork, drinks were flowin from the bar, the servers were very professional and accommodating.  My cake was from Freed’s (they work with Carmine’s so that the cake is part of the food and beverage minimum) and it was gorgeous and tasted delish.  Lemon, red velvet and chocolate and to die for!  The only thing was that they brought out broccoli instead of the sateed spinach I order, but I quietly told them and showed them the menus and they quickly corrected it, so we got spinach and broccoli, LOL!  The space was very comfortable for 40 people and there was ample room to dance and we could be as loud as we wanted.  I loved my reception!

Floral 2000 – A+The Flowers were beautiful!  They were delivered on time and on the tables looking great.  So gorgeous.  No trouble what-so-ever.  Christine was who I worked with and she was so patient and helpful!  Very willing to work with my budget also!

Nobu Hotel – A++This is where we stayed the wedding night and two nights after that and I’m so glad we did!  This hotel is so nice.  It’s located within Caesars Palace for those who don’t know.  I had no issue and the customer service was a great there as it was with Caesars.  Loved the technology, loved the elevator set up (super cool way to get up to your floor, made you feel real secure), loved the 50 inch tv, and the cool bathroom.  The turn down service was amaze.  We came back from our reception to find Truffles and Champagne on ice!  If you get the chance, stay there, you won’t be disappointed.  I had a wonderful stay!

DJ Godzilla – Such a nice guy and talented DJ - A.  For his prices, you just can’t get any better.  We requested Soca music since my fiance’s family is West Indian and he delivered.  Hip Hop, R&B, and Soca!  There were a couple of hitches, but they were quickly fixed and the show went on.  I had to talk to him about schedule a couple of times since we only had 3 hours, but he was cool about it.  Everyone enjoyed themselves dancing and having a ball. Once again, I loved my reception.  It was great and Godzilla kept us dancing and celebrating. 

Attached is a pictured of my cake from Freed's (Carmines took care of the order), Rotunda Room at Carmines, DJ Godzilla setting up, and our Room at Nobu (please excuse the mess)

**To all the future Vegas brides out there - Good Luck!  Your wedding will be beautiful!  My Vegas wedding surpassed my expectations and I loved every minute of it!!

Re: 4/19/14 Wedding Reveiws Part 3 - Carmine's (Freed's Bakery), DJ Godzilla, Floral 2000, Nobu Hotel

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