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What went wrong?

I thought it would be funny (hopefully it's funny now, I know some of you are still fresh from wedding day!) to talk about what didn't go as planned!

Everything went pretty smoothly for our April 12th day (almost 2 weeks already! Doesn't seem real!)
But - I ended up completely ripping my dress after the ceremony when we were taking pictures, and throughout the night it ripped even more!! I have a huge hole in my dress! haha. And the place we took pictures was very muddy from the rain the day before (should have realized, even though it didn't LOOK muddy), so the bottom of my dress is just filthy. I know I'll never wear it again but I spent a good amount of money on that dress :( It's just sad to think that it's ruined now.

The only other thing is that I wish we had done a receiving line after the ceremony, even though I know they take up a ton of time. I know for a fact there are people I didn't end up seeing or really talk to at the reception and I feel guilty.

Re: What went wrong?

  • We had some issues, that are hilarious now, but at the time annoying.

    1) We were late to the ceremony, because bridesmaids and others decided their kids that weren't in the wedding needed their hair done. So that delayed me getting dressed, and thus delayed the wedding.


    2) My son refused to walk me down the aisle, so my mom came out of the audience and walked me down the aisle. I really wanted him to do it, but he would not budge. Oh, well. It will be a nice story to share at his wedding.

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    Oh man, my list is pretty big.
    - I forgot the wedding license in my car, so we had to get it signed the week after the wedding. [it's still dated correctly though]
    - They played the wrong version of our processional song, complete with the awful lyrics, during the Processional. It was supposed to be the instrumental version.
    - They started the music for me to walk down the aisle while the car I pulled up in was still pulling up, so it was super rushed.
    - the wind was blowing my veil all over and I had to stop walking so the coordinator could take it off my head [I had a shorter one over it, so it was fine]
    - my dads pants were too big, and they literally fell down after we started walking again. It was like something off of those horrible videos. he was mortified. I luckily did not see what happened that day, but after watching video I had a cry fest because I felt so awful for him.
    - My dad never lifted the veil off of my face after we got to the front. I spent the whole ceremony with my face covered and my husband lifted it afterwards. I didn't realize that was "wrong" until yesterday when I was watching a tv show that had a wedding in it. My dad was so distracted from the pants thing that he completely forgot.
    - I forgot the garters, so we had to cancel the garter toss.
    - I accidentally threw a bridesmaids bouquet instead of my own. My cousin who is about 7, came up to me during the reception and handed it to me and told me "I think you lost this, I saw it lying on the table over there" and I took it because she didn't understand when I tried explaining that it was one of the other girls and it was really sweet that she was so helpful. So then they called the cake cutting, and we do that, and right after, they called the bouquet toss. Well I grabbed that one because I wasn't thinking clearly and was worried about holding things up.
    I literally had no idea I had thrown the wrong one until we went to get everything at the venue the next day, and with the floral arrangements was my bouquet in a vase. Oops. The funny thing was, I was actually really sad I never got one to toss and one to keep, but I didn't want to pay for one to throw.
    Oh and someone spilled red wine all over the side of my dress RIGHT when I got to the reception. I hadn't even been there 5 mins yet. Thankfully the DOC had that "wine out" spray stuff. She said the same thing happened to her at her wedding.

    I also realized the day after the wedding that I never wore the blusher veil I bought. Instead, I just had taken part of the shorter one and flipped it to the front.

    Even though all that stuff went wrong, and I was literally sobbing about some of it last week, it really all was fine.
    I just wish I had been more organized, even though I tried so hard to be organized.

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    There were a few mishaps for us:

    1.  The boutonnieres and corsages fell apart within 15 minutes of putting them on.

    2.  I left something essential for the reception at the hotel.  Luckily my maitre d was able to take care of it and the hotel shuttle brought the item for me after dropping off guests.

    3.  We too were running late.

    4.  My dress was actually too big, even thought I stopped working out two weeks before right after my final dress fitting.

    5.  It rained, but I can't control that.  Just upset that I wasn't able to have my photos outside, so all of the photos are at the hotel and the venue.

    6.  I left my vows in my clutch in the bridal suite so I had to wing it and try to remember what I had written.  Didn't work out so well LOL.


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  • Everything went surprisingly well for the most part but there were a few things:

    -I apparently forgot to pack one of the most important items, underwear! Luckily my mother in law brought them for me!

    -My makeup artist was supposed to give me false eyelashes, but we ran out of time and it didn't end up happening....even though I put money aside in an envelope for it for her!

    -I completely forgot to put deodorant on, but thankfully I didn't smell, and at least I didn't have clumps under my armpit!

    - And the most interesting of all, the garter toss....My father in laws dad is a widow, and probably around 80 years old. He decided to stand to try and catch the garter. He ended up jumping and falling on the floor, hitting his head, and splitting it open. Ambulance ended up coming and wrapping his head, thank god he didn't need stitches! After he sat for awhile he was back on the dance floor like nothing had happened!!

    Despite the few minor issues, and 1 serious issue, I had an amazing time and it was better than anything I ever imagined!

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  • Worst thing that happened: my mom broke her front tooth while getting ready. Thankfully, she handled it like a champ. But it put us behind. And we didn't get to do a lot of the mom and daughter getting ready photos. And I left without paying the hair and makeup people and my parents couldn't find the envelope of money so they had to use the caterer tip to pay her.

    The guys were a mess. My fiance lost his socks, best man forgot a belt and a groomsman had a rip on his pants that thankfully a guest fixed before the ceremony.

    We ended up leaving late and didn't do a first look. And we lost light so I didn't get all the photos I wanted.

    The florist fucked everything up. The boutaniers were so big they were unstable, there were no flowers on my cake and tons of flowers missing from the reception. I was so upset, it really ruined certain parts of the day for me. I called the florist up today, after being super defensive she agreed to refund for the boutaniers and missing flowers.

    Day of coordinator was useless. She called my dad to get a number she already had. She didn't pick up the ceremony site so my new husband, sister in law and photographer had to pick up so we didn't lose our deposit. She didn't have champagne for the toast (thankfully we were able to return a lot of it). The reception timing was all off.

    Because reception timing was off, our guests didn't eat until 10, we didn't cut the cake and a lot of our guests left before cake was served. Silver lining here was because they waited so long to serve cake the entire main cake was left intact, only the sheet cake was served. So on Sunday, we put flowers on the cake like there was supposed to be, used the champagne glasses we didn't get to use, cut and ate our cake.

    Oh, and somehow we ran out of alcohol way early so my father in law had to go to Ralphs in his suit to get more and he missed all the speeches.

    But all and all, we had a blast. And we're married!
  • I'm not gonna lie, my wedding was awesome and went off without a hitch! 

    If I really had to nit-pick though I forgot the cake topper so we didn't get any photos of it and I rushed the photog a bit at the hall because we ran into traffic so guests were arriving before we were in the receiving line. Aside from those things anything else that went wrong was so minuscule in the grand scheme of things that I can't even remember it.
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    Ours went well overall but there were a few small mishaps-- 
    - Hair and makeup took much longer than expected in the morning so we had time to do our first look but didn't have time to do family photos before the ceremony. We did them during the cocktail hour which meant spending a little less time with our guests. 
    - We had gotten our silver champagne flutes cleaned before the wedding and whatever the jeweler used to clean them left some aftertaste so after our toasts, we switched those out for regular champagne flutes. 
    - There weren't enough seats during the ceremony. Apparently the hotel set up exactly 110 chairs which was the number of guests we were expecting. People left some empty seats in the rows so my uncles and male cousins were all lined up, standing in the back of the ceremony space. As we processed in, I kept turning to my wife and saying, "why aren't there enough chairs?" 

    Overall, it was a great day though and at the end of the day, we were thrilled to finally be married!
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    I have no complaints, really, but the minor stuff might still help someone planning their wedding.

    1) There was a mixup with the photographer.  My hubby and I were all dressed and ready for our pre-wedding photos 30 minutes early (or the photographer was 30 minutes late).  But a friend, who is a professional photographer, grabbed her camera and took some pictures while we waited.  So we ended up with pictures from two different photographers!

    2) The hotel put us in the smallest room.  (We saw the suites that some of our family was in--some of them even had 2 bathrooms!).  Since we were both getting ready in the same room, it was crowded!  The night before the ceremony when we had all the decorations and flowers in our room, we could barely move around.

    3) I forgot my engagement ring at home.  It had been a silly party favor, but some friends and family hadn't seen it yet and they had wanted to see it.

    4) I hate the way I look in pictures, and that hasn't changed.  I wish I had stood straighter, put my shoulders back, twisted my hip so that you kind of got a side view of my hips, etc.  I had practiced good poses and such, but forgot all of it in the moment.
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