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Getting in Shape

When Did You Lose the Weight?

So I'm T minus 6 months to my wedding. In the first 3 months of the year, I lost 20 lbs, and I'm pretty proud of it. I've gained a few lbs back in the last few weeks from serious overindulging, but just put some official weight loss goals on my calendar in what I think are do-able time frames (about 5 lbs every 4 weeks). I originally wanted to lose most of the weight before June/July, then use August as a maintenance month (wedding is 9/19). Unless I get SUPER motivated in the next 3 months, it seems unlikely to happen. As of today, I'm 28 lbs away from my goal weight.

So I wanted to know - did you steadily lose weight up to your wedding? Did you lose a bunch of weight at once and maintain? I'd love to hear your strategies. Mine are pretty simple and basic - restricting junky carbs, lots of veggies and fewer fruits, lean meats and grains and cutting out most alcohol. I eat next to no processed foods, and I love to cook... but the problem is I love to cook :) I've always been a gym rat, but lately I've been signing up for more races - 10Ks, 5Ks, bike rides, etc., in an effort to keep myself motivated.

Anyway - how did it all workout for you guys?

Re: When Did You Lose the Weight?

  • @shrekspeare I hear you. I gained 25 lbs after I had to quit my gym to pay for a car payment (2 years ago). One of the worst decisions ever. It's just that I like food SO MUCH and would rather eat a whole pizza and some garlic knots while watching Cosmos than go to the gym. It's a constant struggle, I'm tellin' ya.
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    I lost about 20 lbs right after we got engaged.  Not actually for the wedding, but a Groupon popped up and we figured we'd try it out.  Just happened to be good timing in that it was about 9-11 months before the wedding.  Honestly, I didn't think I had 20 to lose, but I weight less now than I did in High school.  It was kind of a surprise.  It took about 3 months, and we've kept it off since (about 2-3 years maybe??)  Mainly it was diet, though I ate very healthy before.  We're both active, but we changed out ratio of fats to protein to carbs and something worked for us.  DH says it made him eat better, but he has no idea why I lost the weight
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  • I lost a little over 20 pounds right after the engagement, and maintained it for the last 8 months. Our wedding is 2 months away, and i'm still not at my ultimate goal for the honeymoon. I'm 5ft tall and started at 152. I did a 21 day round of HCG and got down to 138, and then after my second round got down to 129. After I got off I gained up to 135. I am now doing the Fast Metabolism Diet which helps with your metabolism. I love it so far, you get a lot of food and eat all organic and nothing processed. I'm hoping to be down to 125 before the wedding...so I have 10 pounds to go! 
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