Clean up after reception help?

I would like to do some of my own decorating--centerpieces, etc. at our reception. However, I don't really want to hang around (or have the moms or other guests hang around) to clean up after the event. Since we need to clean up the venue that night--after the reception, we don't have the option to come back and clean up the next day. 

Has anyone had success hiring a service to clean up after a wedding reception? Any recommendations in the Twin Cities area? Thank you!

Re: Clean up after reception help?

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    Is there a coordinator at your venue? Many times they will put your stuff in a closet and you can come pick it up the next day. I hired a day-of coordinator and they were in charge of taking everything down for me.

    Alternatively, you could have someone that isn't that into dancing start gathering the centerpieces, etc into one area as the dance is going on and then it will be quick to load up the car at the end of the dance. My coordinator started cleaning stuff up while everyone was dancing and nobody noticed.

  • Hi! I don't know if you've had any luck, but my fiance have done this for a few friends' weddings, so let me know if you haven't found anyone and we'd definitely be available to be hired out to do this! We are in the wedding industry (photography), so we know how it all goes :) 
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