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Frustrated- florist doesn't want to transfer flowers from ceremony to reception!


Re: Frustrated- florist doesn't want to transfer flowers from ceremony to reception!

  • I don't think I did because she never asked for them. She just asked for the contact information for all the vendors so she could coordinate with them. I didn't even think about sending that info to her, but in the case of the florist- the only vendor who messed up- it wouldn't have mattered because she was the one vendor I didn't have a contract for. She had everything written on an order slip that she kept. 
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    I am curious for photos too.

    It sounds like a lot of blame is inappropriately being placed on the florist where it should be on the DOC (before you leave feedback for your florists on review sites, I think that should think about it a little bit).

    I suggest asking the florist for a copy of the contract that you signed for your records so that you can compare. Additionally, I would ask what the DOC asked her for specifically. It sounds like some of your disappointment comes from the DOC not communicating very well.

    The DOC sounds horrible. You haven't planned a wedding before, you don't necessarily know what to do. She should have prompted a lot of discussion from you and asked for a lot of information and had the contracts so that she could do the coordination (like making sure flowers were placed correctly and that your guests ate on time) and leave you to enjoy your wedding.

    I'm sorry for the hiccups, but I'm glad the rest of it went ok!

    ETA: For the future brides reading this, please note how important it is to have
    contracts and to go over them. You never think you need them but it's to protect both of you. I really thought my florist messed up at first but it was all exactly as I ordered them.

    image image image

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  • The DOC definitely made her mistakes- but the florist messed us on the bouquets and boutonnieres for sure. I told her so many times the colors I wanted and she flat out ignored me. 
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    As for the transferring of the flowers.  That is not the florists fault that is whoever transferred the arrangements fault.  They either didn't listen to the florist or just didn't care.  But since the florist did not move them which she was not contracted to do that is not her fault.

    I would also like to see the picture of the bouts.  I have made a lot of rose bouts in my life and no rose, even fully open, is that huge.  Also, if you don't pin them on right they can be lopsided and off balance.

    What exactly did your flower contract say?  Did you have an itemized list of everything?  If so you can take the contract back to her and say "we didn't get this and this and this" and since it was your wedding you should have plenty of pictures to back up what you are saying.

    And I am confused about the calla lily vs rose thing.  Did you want calla lilies or no?
    I called her on Monday and went through all the things that I thought were wrong. She was at first VERY defensive. She tried to tell me that it was "what I wanted". But I told her that I would forward to her every single email where I outlined what I wanted and compare it to what I got. Then, after blaming me she tried to blame my dad who picked up the flowers for not having her redo them. But my dad didn't know what the specifics were, he was just there to pick up the flowers! She really pushed that she did bring flowers for the cake, and I believe her on that. And it was the DOC's fault for not putting the ceremony flowers in the right place at the reception hall. But at the end of the call, she agreed to refund for the flowers she got wrong. 

    I didn't want calla lilies because we didn't have a single calla lily anywhere on any of the arrangements. It was a suggestion out of left field. So I asked that the groom have a pink rose boutonniere and the guys have white- she instead made pink for all the guys except the dads and ring bearers, they got white. The white ones were with smaller roses that were fine, but the guys boutonnieres were not only the wrong color (I told her I wanted white because the guys ties were coral and I didn't want to clash) but were HUGE. 

    Here is the groom's boutonniere after we removed some of the petals and some of the other stuff she put on it. She even put a sparkly broach on it. What guy wants to wear a broach? We never discussed that type of detail at all. He took it off after the ceremony. My flowers were supposed to have some coral mixed in and the girls were supposed to have ZERO coral. Instead- I had blush and white and theirs had tons of coral flowers and were even wrapped with a coral wrap that clashed with their dresses. I told her so many times that I didn't want the girls to have any coral in their bouquets. But she went all the way out to buy coral fabric and use coral flowers. 

  • On the plus side, I think your flowers (and you) look gorgeous!! Congrats.
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