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It happened!!

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Lake Erie/Erie, PA to take his new car on its first trip.  We stopped on the way there in the town where I went to undergrad, and the same town where my family had a cottage on a lake there when I was growing up...we went almost every summer.  We usually just drive through campus and drive by the lake and the old cottage.  He wanted to get out at the lake and walk.  We sat on a bench near where our old cottage was, on the edge of the lake.  He said he got something for me and pulled out the ring box.  I was in shock.  Every time we go somewhere I think he's gonna do it, so I'm somewhat prepared.  This time he did!  He also told me he booked a room up in Erie for us to stay the night, and my family knows and everything's taken care of (we have pets).  That night we ate at the hotel restaurant and the manager gave us a bottle of champagne to congratulate us.  It was a great weekend.  Today we got to see both of our mothers/families to show them.  He definitely thought of everything!!


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