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JenMar Creations vs. Amazing Alterations

Hello. I am looking to get my dress changed from A-Line to a Fit-n-flare siloutte. I also want to change the zipper back to corset. There is a lace overlay covering the entire dress. Has anyone had similar alterations at either location? Pros? Cons? Pricing?



Re: JenMar Creations vs. Amazing Alterations

  • I am having my alterations done at JenMar (I have never been to Amazing Alterations). So here are my Pro's and Con's of JenMar -

    Pros: Price is great! I am having the underarm area of my dress taken in and an additional 2 inches of length added for less than $200. Also, they are very sweet and really responsive when you need to call them or have questions.

    Cons: Their "studio" is just in one of their homes so it's a little awkward & if you wanted to bring your mom’s or bridal party to your fitting/alterations appointment there is really nowhere for them to sit/relax/hang out. Also, they do take a while to get the work done so you have to plan accordingly. I dropped my dress off for the above alterations Mid-February and I won’t get to even see it again until the end of June. (Which is killing me!)

    Despite all this I think they are very sweet ladies and I would recommend them. They do really REALLY great work, and have experience in fully customized bridal gowns. So, I would definitely trust them to do the change you're wanting.

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    I also can only speak to JenMar. The previous poster is right in that the do their work in one of the sister's homes. I did bring my mom and sister though and there were a couple chairs for them to sit in.

    I had the back of my dress (and all lace Jim Hjelm dress #8663) converted from a keyhole back to an open "V" back. I also had to have it taken in from the chest all of the way down past the butt. They shortened it an inch or so and put in a bustle. For all of that, it was around $250.

    I would say go to each that you are debating and see how you feel about them and what their estimates are. You will probably gravitate naturally towards one or the other.

    Good luck!



  • I had my work done at Amazing Alterations and Brenda is incredible. I bought my dress off the rack and it was 2-3 sizes too big and also had a zipper. Brenda took the dress in, removed the zipper and added a corset for about $100. I have an appointment on the 9th for another fitting and to discuss and choose appliqué to enhance the bodice. I highly recommend Amazing Alterations.
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