Stressing out!!

I have an extremely heavy course load this summer semester; 9 credit hours in the condensed 6 week semester, which means 2-3 chapters for each class each week, AND my wedding is now only 10 days away. Not only am I getting several emails from the coordinator at our venue several times a day, that apparently she needs answers to right now, but I have previously given her my planner's contact information ans asked that she be her point of contact. My own brother has announced to my family he's not coming to my wedding because he wants to go to his high school reunion instead! Now, so far this week, I have tripped on a 2x4 at my parents house that resulted in a fractured foot and now have to find new shoes and have my dress hemmed again. Today, running late for class, I managed to slam my finger in my front door and am now pretty sure my finger is broken too! I'm afraid to go back to the doctor because surely she won't believe these really were accidents, and being a victim advocate I don't want to sit through the "Do you feel safe at home" speech myself. I am stressing the F out!! Ugh! Okay, vent over. Just needed to get that out.

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  • I'm a student as well and newly engaged so I'm just getting started! I imagine you know the feeling of finding coordinators, venues, menus, etc. We chose a REALLY close date so there's so much to do with little time and not to mention there's still school! I understand your frustration! :)
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    I'm sorry that you continue to hurt yourself when you're stressed.  I'm an absolute Klutz and often FI jokes about having to put me in a plastic bubble so that I don't inadvertently hurt myself.  It also gets worse when I'm stressed out. 

    In the end all of it will be worth it, good thing is if you're dress is full length, you wont be able to see you're foot in the pics.  Also  I think you can get a finger - splint at any Walgreens or CVS.


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