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  • Hi. I am Jewish and my fiancé is Catholic. We are getting married in a loft space in Queens, NY. Does anyone know a Rabbi-Priest combo that have already worked together and have a good sense of humor. We were referred to one but they have another wedding that day :(

  • I am a Catholic and my Fiance is a reformed Jew, we live in Michigan.  Any ideas of a priest willing to work with a rabbi to arrange such a wedding?  What paperwork do I have to fill out? Any information will be greatly appreciated, I have no clue where to start...this is pretty stressful!  Thank you for your help! And good luck to anyone in the same situation!
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    Ask this question on your local boards, not this one because it is an international one.  Most of us don't know what's available in Queens or in Michigan.
  • Anyway I could get a copy of your ceremony? I am dealing with the same issue?
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    @count the stars - Hi ... Not sure how to PM on here, but would love to see what you guys did!
  • OP, brileeg30 and chraron (and anyone else who's interested) - I can't advise you at all on the Jewish side of things, but to get married in the Catholic Church when one party is not a baptised Christian, you'll need to firstly have an interview with your local Catholic priest (based on your geographical location, not the parish you attend).  They will ask you questions to figure out if both of you understand and agree to the Christian understanding of marriage (i.e. that it is permanent and cannot be dissolved, is faithful and is open to children).  They will also find out if you have been married previously and need an annulment.  They will also ask the Catholic to agree to take steps to ensure that their faith is secure and that they will do everything they can to make sure the children are raised Catholic. As long as the priest is satisfied that the marriage will follow the Christian understanding of marriage and will not endanger the faith of the Catholic party, they will start completing your paperwork.  To have a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Christian, you will need a dispensation from the local bishop (usually always granted if the priest has recommended that it be granted).  As some posters have said, it can be possible to get a dispensation from form which means you can marry physically outside the Catholic Church.  It is my understanding that it is extremely difficult to get this permission; however, an interfaith pair where one side of the family would refuse to attend a Catholic wedding may well be grounds enough.  If it is granted, you could then be married in a Jewish wedding in a synagogue.  As far as I'm aware, permission is unlikely to be granted for an outdoor wedding - there is usually an expectation that it occur in a house of worship.  Being granted permission for a dispensation of form will not exempt the Catholic party from trying their hardest to raise all their children Catholic.  You would need to speak to the parish priest no less than 6 months before the wedding.  As long as you both agree to be faithful, to consider the marriage permanent and to welcome children, and as long as the Catholic agrees to do their best to raise the children Catholic, you should be granted the dispensation.  Like I said, the difficulties of getting the non-Catholic's family to a Catholic wedding could well be a good enough reason to get you a dispensation from form.

    It is worth noting that it is extremely unlikely that you will find a priest who will co-officiate a wedding with a rabbi, particularly outside.  I would strongly caution you that if you do find such a priest, they may well not be an actual Catholic priest - Catholic priests cannot co-officiate a wedding with ministers of other religions or officiate a wedding outside.  There are some people who claim to be 'independent' Catholic priests who will do these ceremonies; you need to be aware that if you do this, the wedding will not be recognised as valid by the Catholic Church.  Almost half of all weddings in the Church are now between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, so your local priest will certainly be knowledgeable about what needs to be done and understanding.  

    I hope this helps.  If you need any more information or have any other questions, please message me.  
  • Any chance you could share with me? I am Jewish and my fiancé is catholic! Thank!
  • We used Rabbi Ronald Broden. He is in the New York area and put together a perfect ceremony for us. He also recommended several priests he has worked with. Everyone said it was a beautiful, inclusive ceremony and he has a lovely singing voice. I don't remember his website but you can google his name to find it. Good luck to you. Kathleen
  • Kathleen4246, did you have a priest co-officiate at your wedding? Thank you! I sent Rabbi Ronald Broden an email already :)
  • I would love to see someones ceremony. I am Catholic and my fiance is Jewish.  We are planning on getting dispensation from the church and have started the process. 

    I don't know where to start... 

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