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XP: Alterations Opinions

Hi Ladies,
I posted this on the attire board...but thinking you all might have a little more insight.
I'm not sure about my dress...I put it on today and I'm not feeling very confident.  I know I will need to have the bodice taken in a bit since the corset back is completely closed about halfway down but other than that, do you have any other suggestions on what might help?

Re: XP: Alterations Opinions

  • You look beautiful!  My one suggestion would be to add a slip that would make the skirt more full.  You look top heavy in the pictures becuase your shoulders are broader than the skirt is.  If you filled out the skirt more, I think you'd look more balanced.
  • windiewindie member
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    I'm no expert, but i know that with a corset its supposed to make a perfect V, and the bodice (at least in the 2nd picture) almost looks too tight (the girls are a bit squished). Maybe the waist needs to be taken in for the perfect V, but the start of the corest let out a bit?

    I agree with the PP that a petticoat/slip would help give a bit more definition. A line dresses with the lighter material don't always drap correctly without a bit of help.

  • I think a slip to puff out the bottom some to give you more of an hour glass shape would be good. Also a veil would look really nice & complete the outfit. Don't forget some jewelry too.
  • kebebbkebebb member
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    I don't know anything about corsets, so I can't speak to that. I will say that you look beautiful! I agree with PPs that a slip to poof out the bottom would look good.
  • lol, thanks ladies.  I know the corset back needs to be taken in through the waist to give that 'V' and I have now got a poufy slip on order!  

    Thank you all for your input :)
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