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Wedding photo shoot location

Hey all,
I'm looking for a rain friendly (indoor or covered) location to take wedding photos.  The wedding and reception are at opposite ends of the freedom trail, so somewhere on or close to the trail would be ideal.  Free or cheap would be great.  Does anyone know of a place?


Re: Wedding photo shoot location

  • Under the Boston Harbor hotel arch? Christopher Columbus park and others have an archway that depending on time of year may give partial coverage. You should check with location if any permits/fees are needed. Are you anticipating a rainy day? 

  • Be careful with any public garden or park in Boston. You will be required $100 one day permit from the city of Boston to take photos in places like the Public Garden and Christopher Columbus park. I'm dealing with that myself right now for my wedding in June. Cops will stop you and ask for your permit is what I have been told by my photographer. 
  • We did our wedding photos for our Indian wedding in the Public Garden (and a few weddings I've been in) & had no issues - it can just be crowded. We took some pictures inside the Boston Public Library for our second wedding since it was ominous looking outside...they didn't care we were taking pictures, just that we were loud!
  • Hotels in the area, usually the lobbies are nice for photos.
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