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We have planned our wedding for March 2015 and I feel like I'm behind on planning. I have other bride friends that started planning their wedding the day after the engagement but I'm not trying to overwhelm myself so fast plus I've been busy at work.  We have our venue & deposit down which I feel like is the biggest thing. We take our engagement pictures next month & I go look for my dress in July.  We've been meeting with photographers & a DJ but I'm not sure if I'm on schedule with planning a wedding or if I'm behind.  Is anyone else on the same track as me or have any advice for me??

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  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    It really depends on your budget and where you're located. For example, my wedding is going to be in Miami, and I live 4 hours away. This time of year is the slow season for my line of work, so I'm taking advantage of the extra time. As well, places and vendors in Miami tend to book up 9-12 months in advance, so things that were important to me (photographer that was good that was in my budget-which was hard to come by, reception site that was close to my church and florist that was also in my budget) I knew I wanted to act fast on.

    However my sister was also married in Miami and planned it within 4 months. My bff/bm was married in St. Augustine and planned hers in 5 months. It sounds like you are right on schedule though :) I would also start looking at florists if you're going to be having one. I like focusing on one vendor at a time (photographer, florist, dj) and then checking them off. That way I don't get overwhelmed (which happened in the beginning). 


  • tcnobletcnoble member
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    Ditto PP. Location plays a big role. We live in Vegas and had all our vendors and contracts/deposits sent in by the end of 2013 because things book up so quickly. Just pick one vendor at a time and do your research, get them booked, and move on to the next one. Start with high priority vendors - if you are indifferent to a DJ, don't rush on that one, but if you want a really kick ass photographer move on that one quicker.

    You said you are taking engagement pictures - are you planning to use them on Save the Dates? Because that 6-8 month mark is creeping up quickly.

    I'm going dress shopping in two weeks and I'm slightly terrified!
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  • gogracegograce member
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    OP, all I have done is paid the deposit and two payments on my venue and bought my dress & veil. Haven't gotten a photographer, no accessories, save the dates, invites, whatever.
    You're fine! :) you'll get it to all come together by March.
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  • All I have done is... deposit on photographer & started on our flowers since we are doing paper flowers.  I am feeling REALLY behind.  I am going to look at a reception venue tomorrow and feeling really nervous about its price.  
  • Jtsma10Jtsma10 member
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    Don't feel bad, I don't have much done either. I only have bought the dress, started preperations with our church and some minor decorations. No deposits down though, we've picked out our venue, florist and photographer. We chose a friend who lives in Flordia. It's cheaper for fly her and her husband to Ohio and pay for 3 nights of their hotel then to hire a local photographer.

    I still have 10 months and 1 week, not that i'm counting ;) If you come to January and you still don't have anything done, THEN I'd worry! Lol.


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