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Adults Only Engagment Party

Hello everyone! I just recently became engaged and my parents are throwing my fiancé and me an engagement party. We talked about it and decided we want an adults only engagement party but my question is what is the best way to make this known to out guests?

I'm thinking putting it on the invitations is the easiest way but I'm unsure how to word it. We won't be doing RSVP cards (we're allowing guests to RSVP by email) so putting something like "__Adults Attending" wouldn't work. Any suggestions would be very helpful. 

Re: Adults Only Engagment Party

  • You simply don't put the children's names on the invitation.  It is rude to say "Adults only" or "No children, please!"
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    Ditto CMGrAgain. Address the invitations only to those who are invited.
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