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Brunch Wedding Suggestions


Re: Brunch Wedding Suggestions

  • lilacck28lilacck28 member
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    @hyechica81 : Hello fellow CTer! It's great that you got a price and the type of wedding that you want! And it sounds like your wedding will be wonderful.  $59 might not seem like that much less than $75, but multiplied by 100 people, it sure does add up! I know that there are many lovely places to get married, with many different price points. Of the places we were interested in and visited, $59 pp was a very nice price. 
    ps- I wasn't quite sure what your intentions were with your post/ what you expected me to reply with, but I gathered that you thought I was paying  too much? If not, sorry for the irrelevant reply. 
  • jessieallie86jessieallie86 member
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    I'm having a brunch wedding as well. We decided on it because it was more cost-effective for us, plus, we have the option of having an informal after party at a local bar after our wedding (which we may do). We are getting married in Northern Virginia, very close to DC. We are planning on doing a little bit of dancing (first dance, etc.), but we are going to have an MC rather than a DJ help with the flow of the event since we are supplying our own music. We are definitely offering more than fruit and croissants - in addition, our hotel caterer is offering breakfast options like waffles/omelettes and lunch options, too. We are also having mimosas, bloody Marys, beer/wine, coffee/tea/soft drinks. Our wedding ceremony begins at noon and will last 20-30 minutes, and then we will host our reception from 12.30-3:30. We have to clear out of the reception hall by 3.30. It is all at the same venue, though. I think it's going to be pretty laid-back and classy! 
  • A brunch wedding sounds amazing and is actually really on trend right now. I would offer a mix of egg dishes (quiche, benedicts), some meat options and possibly, some fun starches - get creative and go beyond pancakes. What about savory crepes? Do whatever you want when it comes to timing (four hours does sound reasonable given the time of day though) but have your dancing, too! It's your day, enjoy and have fun! Good luck.
  • We're having a brunch wedding next year as well.  1) earlier in the day is easier for some family members, 2) we're not big drinkers or dancers (but we repeatedly have to assure guests there will be mimosas... what is everyone's obsession with booze?) and 3) I'm going to have french toast at my wedding, how amazing is that? 

    For the cake, we're thinking potentially a naked cake (no frosting, lots of fruit) since it seems a little more "breakfasty" to me.  But a traditional cake could work well too, though I wonder how many people will go for it if there are sweet options on the brunch menu already.

    I was wondering the dance thing myself.  I'm glad to see other comments that say it's there but not a huge deal, which is just what I think I was imagining.
  • I had a Farewell Brunch after my wedding that went so well; I think you could benefit from my experience and create your own adaptations for a reception.

    We served a buffet of fruit salad, coffee cake, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and pancake-wrapped sausages (which were an unexpected hit). We also passed mimosas and champagne with peach and raspberry sorbets on a silver tray-the raspberry melded very nicely with the champagne without overpowering it with sweetness. 

     I do think it's important to balance the menu with both sweet and savory options which can be tricky if you're going for a cocktail event like I did. It was important to me that guests were able to mingle rather than require a fork and knife for heavier dining. It depends what your direction is.

    I have hosted many brunches but this was the best by far because I was able to enjoy the company of my guests without worrying about food preparation or assortment.

  • I had a brunch wedding. Here was my menu: Appetizers: Spring Rolls, Cheese and Fruit, Stuffed Mushrooms Toast: Orange Juice Brunch Buffet: Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Home Fries, Amaretto French Toast, Garden Salad, Baked Stuffed Chicken Breast with White wine Sause, Bread and Rolls Coffee, Tea, Water, Juices, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Wine, Domestic Beer My entire bar cost under $800.00. My ceremony was at around 10:00, we had the venue until 4:00 and people stayed as long as they could. It was great. We got to have dinner with some people who flew across country too that were staying at our hotel before we flew out in the morning.
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    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.
  • I'm having a Sunday brunch wedding in August! Sunday brunch to me and my sweetie means dim sum :)

    We are serving fish and dancing. I think anything goes. 

    Our guests will arrive at 9:30 am and will enjoy a mini reception of a more expected Southern fare before the ceremony passed appetizer style: 
    Cheese biscuits with tomato
    Deviled Eggs three ways
    Fresh fruit
    Bloody Marys
    Lemonade (alcoholic and non alcoholic)

    The ceremony will be from 10:15-10:45 or 11:00

    For brunch, a trio of dim sum appetizers will be pre plated when guests are seated. The rest of the brunch will be served family style. The menu is:
    Veggie Spring Rolls
    Smoked Salmon Buns
    Veggie Fried Rice
    Scrambled Eggs
    Green Beans in Black Bean Sauce 
    Crispy Fish
    Sweet and Hot Eggplant

    Before the dessert buffet is opened, we will have our dance.

    After our dance, dessert buffet:
    Oranges and Lychees 
    Donut holes
    and of course Fortune Cookies 
  • I'm having a brunch wedding! I'm super excited, even if some of our family has not been as thrilled about the idea :) Our reception will be from 10:30-1:00. We'll be serving:
    -An omlet bar (3 chefs cooking omlets with choice of toppings)
    -Fried chicken tenders & waffles with syrup
    -Fruit kabobs
    -A bar of donuts from a local specialty bakery (they make unique flavored donuts)
    -champagne, sweet/unsweet tea, orange juice, lemonade, and water

    We'll have music playing, but we're not expecting anyone to dance, and we're not doing any of the traditional first dances. We'll have around 80 guests.
  • @Becca0929 Chicken and waffles!! yummmm
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