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Does anyone know which venues allow fireworks? My fiance is pretty obsessed with them and really would like them at the end of our wedding... I've had a couple places say they don't allow them.... Any ideas? 

Thank you!


Re: Fireworks

  • my SIL got married at Belle Voir, and she had fireworks at her wedding. I believe since they are next to and associate with Penn Ryn it's the same for that venue as well.
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  • Hi gershpip - I'm actually so glad you wrote back because we JUST visited Belle Voir yesterday and really liked it (and we found out that we could have fireworks!) But i just spoke with my coworker who said he was there for a wedding a few months back and that he wasn't impressed.... he said the food was just EH which is a big deal for my fiance too... What did you think of the food and everything else ??? I'm reading reviews but its nice to talk to a real person! 

  • i personally have not been there for a wedding but i know a handful of people who got married there. i think that they are a really great venue and very well known. My SIL said her experience with them was just great. I never heard their food wasn't good, in fact my father in law said he thought the food was great. I think if they are so popular that it can't be bad. you are usually allowed to do a tasting before hand to select your menu. I think it always depends on what you choose. At my wedding a couple weeks ago we opted to serve crab cakes and filet because we both agreed wedding chicken is never good. But i don't think you can go wrong with Belle Voir.

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