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Hi Ladies,

I have been really busy since...but I got married on May 10th and it was amazing and more than I could ever ask for! Despite getting stuck in the hotel elevator (about 5 mins and of course panic) with my BMs and a thunderstorm with pouring rain 3 hrs before my outdoor ceremony, it was one of the happiest days of my life =) The rain stopped in time for our ceremony at 6:30 and it was just the way I imagined it-outdoors lol. Anyway, we partied until 12am and had a blast. So, here are a few pics from my special day!

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  • Tyneequa85 let me first start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS you were an absolutely beautiful bride and may God bless your union of marriage with many years of love and happiness... Secondly GIRLLLLLLLLLL you better work (SN: THAT IS MY FAVORITE DRESS, I WANTED THAT DRESS SOOOOO BAD) it looked freakin great on you... You and hubby look good together and Is that your daughter? She is super cute... I am so grateful for the weather holding out on your big day how awesome is our God!... CONGRATS AGAIN AND GOD BLESS

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  • @misstira‌ Thank you soo much!! Yes, that dress was love at first sight lol and that is our princess. What made this day even more special was the fact that our daughter witnessed her parents get married (we are high school sweethearts ) :)
  • Tyneequa85 Yes having your child there to witness is such a blessing... Im glad my son will be there to witness his dad and i getting married... But again she is totally adorable.. Now that Dress lol... I have been wanting that dress for sooo long but i gave up since the dress i have is like a sister to it.. and i couldnt get my money back after paying almost have of it off.. but that was my dress crush it is a beautiful dress and you wore it well! And how sweet that you two are high school sweethearts awwwww.... you dont see that nowadays! lol.... 

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  • Congrats!!!!!!!   I loved all of the pics but the 1st one is my fav!!  Wishing you the best!
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  • Thank you ladies!!! Yes, that is my fav one as well and congrats to you and your future husband misstira! May God bless you and your family as you become one =). What a beautiful thing to have your son witness and be apart of an amazing celebration of love. Also, what a great example we are setting for our children in a world where getting married nowadays is not taken as seriously as it once was.
  • I see uplighting!!!!! VERY NICE! what a beautiful wedding. I especially love your wedding space and bouquet- absolutely gorgeous! Congrats Mrs and thanks for sharing!
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  • Congratulations Mrs.!!    I'm giggling at the picture of ya'll dancing, it makes me wanna get up and booty shake.

    Are you by any chance a (fellow) Jersey Girl?  That looks like a place round here called the Tides.  Beautiful start to finish. 
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    great pictures, everything looked amazing! Congratulations!!!!

  • @sultryzulu‌ Thank you, lol! Yes, I am a fellow "jersey girl" and it was @ The Tides = )
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