Park venues - opinions/thoughts!?

Hi there!  We are looking at a few venues through Cbus Parks & Rec.  Specifically the Wolfe Shelterhouse in Bexley or the Retreat at Turnberry in Pickerington.  The one in Pickerington is like 3 miles away from our home, which would be super convenient as we have a toddler who would go home early with probably my mom. We would ideally do the ceremony outside and then the reception indoors (however our wedding will probably be in the 50-60 person range so would have room to do the ceremony indoors if weather did not permit. (probably in front of the fireplace at either).

Has anyone attending a reception at either of these?  We visited Wolfe over the weekend and I liked it (could do without the florescent lighting, but whatever), but haven't been able to check out the Turnberry one yet other than driving by (and peeking through the windows :)).  The bar setup there is kind of cool, but I'm worried it's a bit dark and a may feel smaller with the lower ceiling).  As far as our wedding, we're looking for a casual fun vibe, probably with BBQ or other "comfort" food, ice cream bar and beer/wine.  I still want it to feel like a wedding vs. a BBQ though!

My fiance thought Wolfe was too small but I think he's just having trouble envisioning it all set up (it holds 100).

I'm leaning towards the Wolfe shelterhouse, but would like some other brides' opinions!

Re: Park venues - opinions/thoughts!?

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    I think the Wolfe shelter is beautiful!  (and remember - you don't have to use the florescent lights ... you could always do floor lamps, or string lights, or uplights)

    I think it would make a beautiful wedding location.  

    The other one looks very nice also, but a little more party-not-wedding  ( IMHO) although with a little decor and some DIY, I'm sure it would  be lovely, too!

  • That's a good point on lighting! That's how I was leaning as well. The other one would make for a cool family reunion spot I think!  Thanks for the input :)
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    I have not been to wedding at either, but have been to events at both. 

    Turnberry feels more like a family reunion at the VFW (no offense) to me. 

    Wolfe Park is lovely with a rustic elegance. Also the photo opportunities around Wolfe are great. You could do a first look at Franklin Park Conservatory or Jeffery Manor. Or if you don't want to do a  first look, you could still get some great picture during cocktail hour as there are beautiful spots right in the park.

    GL! :)
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  • @photokitty No offense taken of course! The more I thought about it, I agree it's too casual.

    That's a good idea about FPC! 

    Thanks :)
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    Wolfe is much prettier... Turn berry would need too much decorating. Is there a nice ceremony area outside?
  • @lil81 That's what I figured too.  There's some really nice big trees, or we may just arrange to do it in front of the fireplace. Thanks!
  • I had my daughters graduation party at Wolfe Park and we were really impressed. I liked how the adults could be indoors and the kids could run around outside. Gret choice

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