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We are now into the 2014 Wedding Season and I'm already going to lose my mind. Many of my friends are getting married over the next few months and all of them have been engaged for a shorter amount of time. 

I am so jealous. There, I said it. I want my wedding here now. 

Everyone asks why we're having a long engagement. Especially when another couples wedding comes up in conversation. "Oh, haven't you been engaged longer? Why are you waiting?" I use to give a very diplomatic and graceful answer. Not anymore since I'm so sick of people asking. I now tell them the blunt truth. " I am a prissy b***h. I want a nice wedding but we're poor. So we have to wait so we can save to have the wedding that we want. I'm not going to go into debt like some other people do." 

Jealousy does not look good on me. I feel guilty for feeling this way because I am happy for these couples. I wish them all the happiness in the world. I just can't help but feel a ping of jealousy. 

Anyone else get this feeling? 


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  • Thank you! Finally someone said it first and it wasn't me! We went to a wedding last week, they were engaged 4 months after us and married 4 months before us. I feel like I had to hold my breath as she walked down the aisle because what if she had my dress!
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  • rsbloomrsbloom member
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    I've had 4 people jump n between us! Almost a 2 year engagement! But we're waiting for it to work out time-wise for our families to all get together and for me to finish school.  So we have good reasons, and we got all the vendors we  wanted because of this, but I do want it to just happen already!
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    2 weddings last year- both couples started dating a year/ year and half after us and already been engaged, married a year with babies due around our wedding date. Not so much jealous, more happy we waited awhile to get engaged (I know exactly who I'm marrying) and happy we won't go into debt and have our house already ( one of the couples is living with parents and house shopping)
  • @rsbloom exactly. FI and I are getting exactly what we wanted, but waiting is slowly killing me. 

    @wajohnson09 Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for the newly weds! I just wish that FI and I were able to get married sooner and still have the wedding we wanted.

    An upside to us waiting though is that we can now afford guest transportation or as we call it the drunk bus. The police force in our area is very diligent about DWIs and the DA is very strict with prosecuting, which is a good thing. So we don't want our guests to be stuck in a bind and we have a shuttle bus to and from the hotel where we blocked rooms. 
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    My FI and I have been together since 2007, we've seen couples with a lot shorter time of dating get married (including my brother who sometimes in my head seems like 'I'm married, your not so my relationship is more valid than yours' even though my FI have known and been together longer than my bro and SIL).  It sucks and I've had my 'Drunk Lorelai Speech' in my head a couple of times

    Drunk Lorelai speech:
     It's really hard to get married. Believe me, I should know. I mean, seriously, because Lane is married, and next thing, it'll be my daughter, and then my granddaughter, but not me. I'm not getting married. No, it ain't for me. It's not in the cards

    I just keep reminding myself:  All relationships move at their own pace and I wanted a fall wedding.

  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    I'm the opposite. I mine of the girls with a shorter engagement (I mean, our engagement is still 10 months). One of my friends will have been engaged for about 2 years when she weds and her date is a month after mine.

    But even still, sometimes I wish we'd stuck with July like we originally discussed.
  • smalfrie19smalfrie19 Home of SB XLVIII Champs member
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    I sometimes feel that way, but a majority of the time its "I JUST WANT MY FUCKING WEDDING HERE ALREADY" kind of thing, as opposed, "I have been engaged longer nonsense" 
  • I completely agree with everyone! FI and I started dating 8 years ago, and we both knew almost right away that we were going to marry each other--we waited to finish school, get great jobs and have been engaged a year already. I'm so ready to finally just have it here already.  Part of me wishes we wouldn't have waited so long, but the other part is glad we did.  I get to have the wedding of my dreams and not go in debt trying to have it. 
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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. My FI and I have been dating for 5 years, and engaged for 2. Like a lot of you here, we wanted to save and give ourselves the nicest wedding we possibly could have. Next week, my brother gets married. He got engaged on Christmas of 2013, and started dating the girl in the beginning of 2013. At first they wanted to have their wedding in either September or November, sandwiching my October date. They moved it to June after my mother interjected on the idea. I hate to think that they are getting married as soon as possible, because he doesnt want to be the last one married, and god forbid, married after his little sister. 

    Whatever the case, I am happy we waited and I am so excited for October 18th to get here so I can marry my best friend on a beautiful fall day in Maryland at a 18th century mansion. It's going to be the best day, and it will be fulfilling to see how waiting longer paid out in the long run! 
  • Whew! I am glad i am not the only one feeling this way!! My fiance and I got engaged right before X-mas in 2012 and wanted a fall wedding but needed to save so it'll be this October. One of my bridesmaids got engaged a few months after us and is now getting married 3 months before us...i felt bad for feeling jealous but now im just glad im not the only one!!
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