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Help!! Hair and Makeup at the resort??

Hello Ladies!

I will start off by saying I'm slightly panicked and hopefully you fellow brides can help! One of my good friends is also my hair stylist/makeup artist and since she was already planning to attend my wedding she offered to do my hair and makeup for myself and my maid of honors! Well, her sister in law just got engaged (also a friend of mine) and she is thinking of planning a destination wedding as well the month after mine. Obviously family comes first so if this friend does decide on a DW my friend/stylist will not be able to attend my wedding.

Has anyone had their hair and/or makeup done at the resort they are getting married at?? I am more than a little nervous to be honest. I have very fine, thin hair and my friend works wonders on it (knows how to make it look full and amazing). I HATE slicked back looks with lots of curls and I see that all the time in pictures. I like full, more casual looking hair. I did look to see if I could get a local stylist to come to the resort and the cheapest I saw was $170 a person! I am paying for my MOH's so I can't really afford $600 on just hair and make up. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Re: Help!! Hair and Makeup at the resort??

  • Hi!  I am getting married this coming Monday and am scheduled to have my hair done at the resort where we are staying.  I completely agree that $600 on both hair and make up is a ton of money!  It's expensive where we will be, too.  Hair alone is $150 and make up was $100.  Since I am better at doing my make up than my hair, I opted to just have my hair done and will do my make up myself.  Is that an option for you?  I know it's sort of a special thing to have your make up done on your wedding day, but with all of the other expenses, to me, it's something I can do myself.  I also wear make up regularly and figured I would rather do it how I do on a daily basis to look like myself rather than go somewhere and have someone put bold lipstick on or something else that I would end up wiping off and doing myself anyway.  Hope that helps?
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  • Yah I can do my own makeup but like you said I sort of wanted to be pampered on my special day! Plus I would then have to do both of my MOH's as well so I'd be doing a lot of work on the day of the wedding. I am going to have my friend pick out all of my makeup to use and bring it with me so they can't really mess that up! haha I am more concerned with my hair.

    If I do it at the resort it comes free with my package, I would only have to pay if I hire someone outside of the resort. I am just a little concerned with the language barrier (I am getting married in Mexico). But thank you for the suggestion!! Good luck with your wedding! Hope your hair turns out amazing :)

  • When we went to Cozomel a few years back we stayed at a resort.  Most people who worked there and interacted with guests spoke some English.  Friends who have also gone to a resort in Mexico also said the same.  But if you're worried and you don't have any Spanish speaking friends, bring pictures of what you want.  I'm sure you're not the first non-Spanish speaking bride she has worked with.  :-)
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    I had my hair done at our resort, and while I actually kind of ended up hating mine (I pulled it down after the ceremony :)), all of my bridesmaids' hair looked great!  And mine was more of a fluke because I ended up needing to wear a veil last-minute (dress steaming incident), so the style I had planned on wouldn't work with a veil, and I didn't have anything else in mind. 

    But had that not happened, I think it would have been totally fine!! My friend hair stylist was planning to be there, but she ended up having a baby the same month, so I just did a trial run with her a few weeks before, and we took lots of pictures to show the resort.  I would suggest doing something like that to give yourself peace of mind to know that your hair can look a specific way.  
  • I am having my hair and makeup done at Sandals resort. I have seen good reviews on them so far so I am trying not to worry. I plan on bringing pictures of the hair and makeup I am going for. I know I wont be good at explaining anything. I will also do a hair and makeup trial before hand so hopefully I like what I see then.
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