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What are you doing for a rehearsal dinner?

Because I have no idea.  I've been throwing around a bunch of ideas, from just doing something at home, to having it at Applebee's (or something of that nature), to a "nicer" restaurant.  Where did you go/what did you do?

As for parents, mine don't care what we do and offered to help pay no matter what we do.  His parents have been mum about it...which is actually fine because they make me crazy whenever they bring up anything about the wedding.

Re: What are you doing for a rehearsal dinner?

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I'm not going to be any help here, but we didn't have a rehearsal or a dinner.
  • KPBM89KPBM89 member
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    We're going to a nicer restaurant for dinner after the church rehearsal.  

    FI's family is coming from OOT and are hosting the rehearsal and asked for something nicer with local seafood (his mom always wants crabcakes when she visits MD!).  We went with a nice, sit-down restaurant, and we have a large section of it reserved for us.

    We weighed all options: dinner at a family/ friend house, dinner at TGIF (mostly because there's one attached to the hotel that OOT guests will be in), and dinner at a nicer place.  Ultimately we picked nicer because we can have a more private setting and they served local foods.

  • We booked a private room at our favorite Mexican restaurant and will have all you can eat fajitas.
  • kla728kla728 member
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    We are still debating.  We want to do a casual pizza, wings & beer gathering versus a formal rehearsal dinner -- no need to rehearse, more of a welcome for OOT guests.  But the logistics are honestly a bit of a nightmare and I'm super torn about it.  I've heard its nice to do something thats different from your wedding... for instance, our wedding is fairly formal so having the casual event the night before will be nice.
  • beachyone15beachyone15 TEXAS (the home of my exes) member
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    FI's mother graciously offered to host it at her house and have it catered.

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  • We're doing dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory after the church rehearsal. It is still a chain, so people know what to expect. But, it is a little nicer than some of our other options. Plus, we get a nice banquet room for just the group. FI's parents are paying for food, guests have their own alcohol bills though. Due to religious reasons his parents don't drink, but our attendants, us, and my family do.
  • We did ours at an Irish Pub. We picked five items off the menu to offer our guests and the restaurant printed up special menus for our party. They put us in our own section and assigned us two waitresses who were responsible for us (they had food runners helping them so the food came out all together). We had 23 people and I think the bill ran about $500.
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  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    We had a very laid back rehearsal and then the in law's took everyone to a steak house.

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    We went for pizza.
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  • We are having rehearsal brunch. Well, it's more of a thank you brunch since we don't have a need to rehearse. But it includes unlimited mimosas and belinis! Whoooooo!
  • Had a BBQ and moonshine tasting.  I live in the South, and moonshine is trendy right now with the TV shows, etc.  In addition to moonshine, had a (endless) red and white wine option and beer.  Kept it rustic with different kids of pie for dessert.  It was casual enough that people felt comfortable mingling.  Venue had a giant table to seat 24 made of reclaimed barn wood, so no one had to stand or sit at a cocktail table and try to eat BBQ.  Very fun and memorable, especially for guests from the north.
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    No rehearsal for us, so no dinner needed.  I was kinda glad too.....I enjoyed the downtime the night before the wedding and was able to relax without entertaining others.
  • We're having a church rehearsal first, and dinner at a nearby casual Italian bistro immediately following. We're only having FI & I, our parents, and those who are in the wedding Mass (BMs, GMs, flower girls / ring bearer and their parents). I'm really looking forward to it!
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  • We're just having a casual BBQ and beer/wine starting kinda late afternoon. Burgers, salads, cheeses and other little appies. We're just inviting the bridal party and our parents and siblings. If the bridal party wants to bring their SO's they can if they want! It's going to be a pretty low key afternoon/evening thing because I know I'm going to need some down time that night to just relax with my girls and try to get a good sleep...I don't know how people have big fancy rehearsal dinners - I think that would just stress me out!
  • We are having a mobile firewood pizza place come to our house after our rehearsal. Invited about 45 people, including our wedding party and close family friends. It's an opportunity for our underage relatives to spend some time with everyone (our venue doesn't allow anyone under 21 on the property.)
  • We're doing a BBQ at a local park and having field day like activities with all our guests. Very casual and Team Bride vs. Team Groom. It'll be a nice contrast to the formal wedding we are having.
  • I'm not in charge of this, my future MOH has proclaimed that this is her ONE job because she "googled it" . lol I have a feeling it will end up being at an Italian restaurant since Fi has a big Italian family.
  • We are having a pasta bar catered to the church in one of their larger rooms, after the rehearsal with beer and maybe (hopefully) some wine too. We will be probably having about 60 in attendance because we have many people involved in the wedding ceremony and many have children and significant others.

    Also, I'm very excited because our photographer that I found includes engagement pictures in her price, but we had already had them done once I found her. So, instead, she is going to come to the rehearsal dinner and take photos then! It will be awesome to get NWR pictures of family and friends all celebrating and enjoying one another :) Plus, it will help her see the church before hand and give her ideas of how and where she'll take pictures there.

  • skyhigh27 said:
    We are having a mobile firewood pizza place come to our house after our rehearsal. Invited about 45 people, including our wedding party and close family friends. It's an opportunity for our underage relatives to spend some time with everyone (our venue doesn't allow anyone under 21 on the property.)
    May I ask what kind of venue this is?
  • I'm just making a big pan of masacholi and a salad...having it at the venue the night before the wedding so my bridesmaids can help set up!
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  • When my sister got married she got a deli tray, pizza, some side salads (pasta, potato, etc), chips, cookies & brownies. It was held in the community room of the church. Nice & simple and it was enjoyable.

    For my wedding we went to a local resturant where we were served family style. The restuarant was selected based on location & cost. There were other resturants that were even closer to the church that I was interested in but I couldn't justify spending $35-$50 a head for my reception when I was only paying $43.00 a person for my reception.

  • theartistformerlyknownastheartistformerlyknownas peaced out. member
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    We looked at everything. Initially wanted the back room at the restaurant where FI and I had our first date, then we changed the city for the hotel block so that was too far. Then wanted a restaurant near the venue, but they were too pricey or couldn't fit all of us (45 people with a $1000 budget). Then wanted catered BBQ or a food truck at a local park with lawn games for the adults and playground for the kids, but the fam didn't like the neighborhood and we couldn't serve alcohol. So FMIL offered to host it at her house and I just sort of gave up and let her take it off my plate. :) I think FI's step-dad will be grilling, and probably sides/salads from Costco. 

  • My first wedding I went with a sit down dinner and and nobody moved from their seats..... I later saw a post of a bride that took everyone to a bowling alley with a gar abd pizza.... I thought that was a fun idea.... so I'm debating doing this my second yome around
  • *bar and pizza
  •     No rehearsal so no rehearsal dinner. My wedding is a destination (Disneyland resort) and my FILs have generously offered to host a welcome dinner. 

       We are having it in private room in Downtown Disney at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. Since there are only 20 of us total the whole guest list is invited.
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