Affordable photographers for a small wedding?


I am looking for a photographer that I will only need for a couple hours and doesn't charge a huge fee.  This is my second wedding and I certainly don't need 8 hours of coverage.  Also, it is a Friday evening so that may help me out on the price.  Oh,and it is on Camano Island so some slight travel needed.


Re: Affordable photographers for a small wedding?

  • Try my vendor www.studiofiveseventeen.com
  • Mariah gentry photography seems pretty reasonable, I believe she charges $575 for 4 hours. Where are you getting married on Camano? I'm looking at venues over there
  • I found someone I really like: Melissa Miksch Photography.  Also, we decided against the Camano Island Inn as they are very unprofessional and expensive and don't offer any price levels on the catering.  They strung us out for a couple months while they were hiring a Chef then hit us with much higher prices.  They are not worth what they are asking.  We ended up at Anthony's HomePort in Edmonds.  Much better quality, very professional and good choices for catering with very reasonable prices.
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