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So i decided on my own (since i have no bridal party) to plan and have my own lil bachelorette party.. I decided to invite no more than about 10 ladies and have the Bedroom Kandi rep come through and just sit down for food, wine and conversation... I asked each person to bring something which was lite on my pocket and i had an abundance of food (yayy) everything turned out great except the BK rep came late but *shrugs* it was cool because so did a few ladies.. She came and pulled out all her toys and we had a blast (including my mom lol) we laughed and talked about the toys and everything was just full of fun.. I purchased some pe**s (male body part) shots for everyone to take and they laughed and of course i got plenty of pics that i cant post anywhere lol lol.. but all in all i had a great time...

Now time to get down to bizness with 6/27 around the corner.. My dress should be here this week and i have all my accessories and shoes.. Im pretty much done with everything just a few minor details and we are still going to the restaurant after the ceremony!! Im excited to say the least.. Cant wait to show you all the outcome...

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