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Keeping both families happy?

I hate being an anxious person and this wedding isn't helping. My FI and I both come from Christian families, but his side is much more conservative. He even made a comment about his grandparents skipping the reception because we'll be serving wine and beer. Personally, I don't understand why someone would skip their grandsons wedding because there's alcohol being served, not forced down anyone's throat. Am I being a bridezilla by keeping the alcohol at the reception? His parents don't drink, but they don't mind having it there.

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    No. It's your day and you two get to choose your wedding, as long as you follow proper etiquette and also are a good host. If you want alcohol, have it, and it's a shame they refuse to come to the wedding. Probably they will come anyway, and are just threatening to get what they want. 

    A really good thing to remember is you CANNOT please everyone you are inviting. Some is always going to be butthurt.
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  • My H's family is way more conservative than mine and his grandma also got all high and mighty about alcohol at our reception.  She showed up.  Maybe his grandparents will too. 

    If I were you, I'd stand firm in my decision because they're being ridiculous.  But I'd just make sure to have a place for them up until the last minute (because seating charts can be changed) and maybe they'll change their mind about coming. 

    Don't dwell on this too much.  They're going to be missing out.  It sounds like they're going to show up for the ceremony?  So at least they get to see the part they want to see and you guys can get pics with them. 
  • you could be petty and bitchy and seat them by the bar. ;-)

    My oSIL's MIL is something like that - she doesn't drink so she didn't want to have an open bar at the RD because nobody should be allowed to drink, and she wasn't going to pay for it. She actually tore the groom a new one when he ordered a drink. The guy was ~30yo, and his mom was yelling at him in Polish for getting an alcoholic beverage. She also yelled at her husband for drinking at the reception. (my MIL gave him a strawberry daquri because he said her drink looked good.) FIL told all of us to order whatever we wanted at the RD, that he would cover the bar tab if she wouldn't.
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