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Day-of/Week-of Wedding Coordinator Cost?

Hi all! I'm looking for a day-of coordinator and I've gotten quotes at a wide variety of costs. The company I want to hire most is $1400 for week-of services. Do you think that is reasonable or is that high?

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Re: Day-of/Week-of Wedding Coordinator Cost?

  • Coordinators are expensive, no doubt. I thought I did not need one for my daughter's wedding at all, but our contract required one. Thank the stars, moon and sun for her. So much went wrong that I NEVER knew about. Totally worth the money for whatever you can put in the budget. They really allow you to enjoy a stress free week, day, etc.
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    Depends on what you're looking for the coordinator to do?  Our venue had a coordinator who set up our favors and escort cards, worked with the florist to set up the centerpieces, lined everyone up and coordinated the ceremony entrance, set aside all our stuff at the end of the night (cake cutter/server, toasting flutes, etc).  We had nothing else to set up.  We had no DIY.  We hired professionals who all showed up and did their jobs.  I certainly wouldn't have paid 1400 for a coordinator.  To do what?  Perhaps we had an exceptionally smooth wedding, but I'm glad we were able to save that money.
  • @JoanE2012, your "in house" coordinator did everything the $1400 one did, but all venues don't provide that service, and like I said, some venues require you to hire one, it's in the contract.  I hope you are sharing information on your local board about that venue, because it sounds like other brides would really benefit from the service at no extra charge.
  • I interviewed a few people.  Wedding Day Warriors was going to be $2,000.  I ended up booking someone who is the wedding coordinator at a local church for $600.  She didn't have a wedding at her church that day and was available.  If budget is a concern, you may want to ask around and get word of mouth suggestions for someone like the local church coordinator I used.  This person will be less expensive than a DOC service.
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    I hired a DOC. I'm so happy that I did because I needed her for a bunch of little stuff that I definitely didn't want to be bothered with that day, and a couple really big things. That price sounds about right compared to my area, but it really depends where you're located.
  • I think that price sounds high, but again, it depends where you are located. I used to get DOC quotes. I received one from a less experienced DOC for about $350, and I received another quote from a more experienced DOC for about $600. I am in a major metropolitan area, but in a cheaper part of the country, so maybe that explains the price differences?
  • I'm in Los Angeles and $1400 wasn't even the most expensive quote I received! Finally after asking around, my boss recommended the perfect woman (who does wedding coordinating professionally) for $500. So thrilled that I didn't have to foot that $1400 bill!

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  • I've hired a DOC for my wedding, and the cost was about the same (I'm getting married in a suburb of Atlanta, so prices tend to run higher close to big cities). My mom and I debated for a while whether or not we'd need one, since both the church and reception venue supply their own coordinators. In the end, we ended up booking one because I really don't want to be stressed out worrying about small details the day/week of my wedding; nor do I want my mom to be running around worrying about things. I think it will be well worth it just for the opportunity to fully enjoy the day! Hope this helps!
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