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This app is saving my sanity

I just wanted to share an app I found with other brides.  It's called "Fancy Hands" (weird name, but stay with me).  It's like a personal assistant service.  You pay a certain amount of money every month (I pay $45 a month) and they take care of anything for you that they can do via email or phone.  I've had them calling the venue, the florists, researching brunch locations, and so on.  Honestly, it's saved me so many headaches.  Occasionally you get a dud of an assistants who comes back with an unhelpful response, but mostly they are on it.  I really recommend checking it out.  (I'm not an employee of this company, I'm just a big fan.)   

Re: This app is saving my sanity

  • larrygagalarrygaga Czechoslovakia member
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    45 bucks a month is a lot of money that could go towards my wedding!
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  • Rebl90Rebl90 member
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    vsgal said:
    Why would I pay $45 monthly for something that I can do for free?  Especially when some of them are, in your words, duds with unhelpful answers.   If you want to pay,  you can hire an event planner that will do the same thing and you only work with one person instead of different people every time.
    This. What a waste of money.
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  • VENDOR!!!  VENDOR!!!!!

    Only 1 post, and it's this one?

    Not buying it.

  • ashley8918ashley8918 Chicago Suburbs member
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    What a colassal waste of money!
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