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Sister steps on toes

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Re: Sister steps on toes

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    kbagley6 said:
    My sister recently got engaged and my wedding is in the next month. Today I received an email with no prior notice, inviting me to her engagement party on the Monday after my wedding (2 days later). She is hosting it herself (not thrown by someone else) She has no date set and no intention of marrying next year at all so why ruin my special time? Is it bad taste or am I a bad sister for being upset by this move? Couldn't she wait? She has the next few years dedicated to her. I know she is excited but I am excited too, for the wedding. We live 10 minutes from each other so we talked and I let her know my feelings but she said I shouldn't care since 2 days will have passed. Thoughts?
    2 days after your wedding is not your "special time".  You get a day.  If you're not available that Monday, decline and wish her a good time.

  • Unless you are talking about a three day weekend, I cannot imagine why her party is on a Monday.  I could give her some wiggle room on it if she is using Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend, to host a BBQ and gather some friends.  I know you shared your feelings with her, but did your sister say why that particular Monday was so important to her?
  • It's not a long weekend at all. Just regular Monday. She has only been engaged three weeks. I waited 5 months before an engagement party.
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    That's strange. I'd wonder what her motives were because it's really weird. 
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  • @scribe95 and Kbagley6, waiting 5 months is not really unreasonable.  We had to wait that long for my daughter and FI and then son and FI because we planned it around a time that was convenient for out of town guests who wanted to travel.  
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