Boutonnieres passe?

My florist suggested not doing boutonnieres for the groom or groomsmen and just doing the pocket square,  she said it's a more modern look, which is in line with our wedding. pretty modern, not too many traditional things.

Re: Boutonnieres passe?

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    I don't think bouts are passe.  I think they can be a nice compliment to a tux/suit.  But if you don't want bouts then don't have them.  Pocket squares are a great alternative.

  • If you like bouts, go for them.  Personally, I prefer the pocket square, but it's your wedding.  You should do what you/your FI prefer.
  • DH wore a bout and a pocket square. 

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    I like bouts. They can't be any more passé than any other wedding accoutrements, like a veil. Do what you want - this affects no one.

  • I think either one or even both are nice. Just depends on the look you like!
  • Go with what you will be happy with. I think it's a great way to add a pop of color. Example...for our wedding our guys had brown suits (husbands choice) and ivory vests. I wanted a little pop of color so the bouts were a great subtle way to do that.
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    Our guys did bouts and pocket squares together.
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    It's just a personal choice, so whichever one you and your fiance prefer is the direction you should go. 
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  • I think a boutonniere is nice I mean how many times in life can they get away with something like that? It's a wedding! :)
  • I love that your florist suggested not to get them (aka - not to buy more flowers).  I think that is a sign of a great vendor!!
    I agree, it's a personal decision.  Whatever you think will go best with your look.
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