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outdoor ceremony etiquette

We're having a very simple and short outdoor ceremony right behind our reception venue. My question is about after the ceremony, we're planning on doing photos, so would we just leave and go do the pictures and then talk to everyone during the reception. like how do we handle that awkward moment when everyone is like 'yay you're married...oh you're leaving' ya know.

Re: outdoor ceremony etiquette

  • I think this is pretty common. I don't think you'll have a problem slipping out for pictures while everyone heads to the reception
  • maybe make an announcement of some sort, or include it in your program some how, that after the ceremony pictures will be taken and you will rejoin your guests at such-and-such time in the reception hall. I think that people would get the point/understand whats going on.
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    Depending on how many guests are attending, maybe do a receiving line as your guests head into the cocktail area?  I like what @heatherjoy1187 said, you can have an announcement made or put it in your program.  But doing a receiving line can also break up that awkwardness of you just walking down the aisle & straight off to do pictures.  I also agree with @sarahs616, it is pretty common for the couple to do photos after the ceremony.  We are a majority of our pictures before to make the most of the setting (golf course, early fall in the Hudson Valley of NY) & because our ceremony is late.  But there will be some we will need to do with other family members after the ceremony, so in my head I'm thinking a receiving line as the guests head to the cocktail area, then taking care of the photos we need to before heading into the cocktail hour ourselves.
  • We are sending everyone to cocktail hour while we get photos done. Wedding is from 6-6:20pm, and then dinner is at 7. That gives us 40 minutes for photos, and gives the guests 40 minutes to mingle, eat and drink.
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  • Ours is a very small, casual outdoor picnic (if the weather gods are nice) type deal, so while we are doing photos, our guests can mingle & eat.
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