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So this has been a LONG LONG LONG journey.. When i logged on i found this board and met some wonderful, exquisite and beautiful ladies. I found myself being super excited to share my wedding journey with everyone here. I believe i have not only made some really good friends but each interaction has made a positive impression in my life. During this time i have not only changed my date several times but also my colors LOL.. I've gone from PLUM PURPLE, MAGENTA, SILVER, BLACK AND IVORY to NAVY, YELLOW, SILVER AND IVORY and back to the first colors only to change them to CORAL, PEACHY-CORAL, IVORY AND TAN.. Yes i have been all over the place with this wedding. I've went from planning a big wedding to the courthouse and back only to arrive at a small intimate wedding with close friends and family and a dinner reception. 

My plans for Thursday are to go and get my nails done and relax and make sure that everything is in order for Friday.. Wake up early Friday get in a good shower and go get my hair done @ 9am get home by 1130am hopefully (fingers crossed) and await my MUA to arrive. She should come about 12 and while i sit and get beautified i'm sure he will be by to drop off the rental car (no we wont be seeing each other LOL) and get dressed by 2/230p to hopefully get to the church on time and get on down that aisle LOL... We then plan on (providing the rain doesn't come) going somewhere and taking some nice pics while our family head over to the restaurant and enjoy some apps until we arrive.... Needless to say i'm excited and i cant wait to get my day started.. I'll definitely be back with pics and a recap.
LeciaBsultryzuluLouisianaLove33M1ssJSenecafisland07b2bthedivavMrsBad13Tchavon1984footballwife77 and anyone else i might have missed please know i am truly thankful for meeting you ladies and ill see you all on the MRS side of life... 


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  • Awww!!!  Girl I love you and I hope your wedding day is everything you've imagined, lawd knows you deserve every happiness!

    p.s. if Tavaris magically *produces* your ring this weekend, please ask him how feels about accepting  generous ass beatings as gifts. 
  • Yay, I'm so excited for you! It is finally here are will be wonderful!  I can't wait to hear all about it.

  • Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
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    Go get your man gurl!!   (*SMILE*)

    I am very, very happy for you and wish you a fabtantic, wonderbeautiful, haptastic wedding day.


    P.S.  I second Sultry about your ring.  That man better stop playing games.  LOL!

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    I'm so very happy for you!  All the colors you went through is hilarious!  ENJOY AND CONGRATULATIONS! :-)

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  • Have a great Day girlie... i cant wait for the recap.... *snoopy dance* 
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  • Awww...yessss hunni ! You finally coming over to the Mrs side, so happy for you and congrats. I cant wait for the recap and some pics !!!!
  • AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW my girl! I absolutely can't wait to hear all about your day! We have had many phone conversations and beaucoup emails and texts to each other. You are sweet as pie love and I am so happy for you. I hope and pray that your day was all that you planned and hoped for.. can't wait to see lil man in his tux...and I am all the way with Bo...Did that ring appear...if so BEAT HIS ANKLES!
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    Congrats!!!! cant wait for the recap
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