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Father-Daughter Dance Alternative

My father passed away six years ago, and I am crushed that I do not get to have him walk me down the aisle and do the father-daughter dance. I decided that I am going to have my brother walk me down the aisle in his place, but I would still like to do something special at my wedding to honor my father. I'd rather not play a song and have a moment of silence because that will put me in tears for the rest of the night. Does anyone have other suggestions that would help me honor my dad and make a special moment for people to think of him, but that will not have my make-up running?

Re: Father-Daughter Dance Alternative

  • I didn't do anything publicly.  I had my grandmother place a flower from my bouquet on his grave, privately.  Just skip the dance.  It isn't necessary.
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    Another vote for skip the dance. Your father will still be a part of your day because you carry him in your heart. You don't need to do anything additional to honor him.

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    I would just do something private. 

    Everyone will think of him, especially when you are walking down the aisle. It's hard to do anything without it bringing people sadness.

    Although, if you really wanted to do something at the reception, maybe play one of his favorite songs to have every dance to, and just dedicate it to him. 


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    Skipping is always an option.  My dad passed when I was a kid.  My sister skipped the dance at her wedding (the grooms mother had passed as well, so this was really the best choice).  My dad was a HUGE Elvis fan, so at my wedding, instead of skipping the dance, I'm gonna invite all my family to the dance floor to dance to 'Blue Suede Shoes' in Dad's memory.  I'll also wear blue suede shoes as my something blue.
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  • I lost both of my Parents 6 1/2 years ago. My Aunt/GodMother is giving me away and I am likely dancing with her as well. I am also considering have a "girls dance" with my Cousin (MOH) and BFF (BM) who have been my rocks through everything and dancing with them instead of dancing with my GM. But I didn't want to "cheapen" the experience by doing that either. If that makes any sense. Ultimately, I think this is a very personal thing and whatever you choose to do is right. Don't let anyone tell you how you should get through missing a parent through the biggest day of your life.
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