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Vons/Safeway Cakes?

Hey friends,

What has been your experience with ordered cakes from Vons and/or Safeway? If you've ordered a cake from them before, would you order a wedding cake from there?

I'm considering them for our wedding but would love to hear from some that have ordered there before.


Re: Vons/Safeway Cakes?

  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    edited July 2014

    As for design/how does it look in real life - that is going to 100% depend on the decorators working in that particular location's bakery department, and their food handling pratices.  Some are absolute perfectionists, others, well, could use a little polish on their decorating skills.  Keep in mind, a "big box" isn't going to dedicate the time to your cake like a private business or bakery that only does cakes/pastries will.  There's a reason the price points are where they are.  At the end of the day you have to gauge this 100% by the locations near you that you would hire for the job, nothing more nothing less.  If you think their cakes are delish and the designs meet your needs, the delivery logistics are there, then go with it, if not, look at other options in the area.  From a logistics standpoint, you DO NOT want to be setting up a wedding cake or cupcakes the day of your wedding!!

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