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Hotel Accomodations for Bridal Party, are we expected to pay?

I just recently had a conversation with someone in the bridal party and they were asking what the plan is for hotels. They then asked if we were paying for rooms for the bridal party as I guess this is typical? Is anyone doing this or is this a norm? I had spoken to a few of my girls a couple of months ago and they all said they would take care of it and they didn't expect me to pay. What is everyone doing?

Re: Hotel Accomodations for Bridal Party, are we expected to pay?

  • We are not paying for our bridal party to stay at the hotel. Since this is all inclusive and includes drinks, food, hotel, taxes and airport transfers it would be pretty pricey to pay for our 2 maid of honors and 2 best men. That would be very nice and I'm sure much appreciated if you can afford to do it but I don't think it is expected at all. I know none of our bridal party expects us to pay for their stay. Good luck!
  • I've been to (and in the bridal party) of three DW's and also had one of my own - we never had our accommodation paid for or paid for our bridal party. However, all had special wedding rates so we got/gave good deals each time. It is to be expected that all of the event - based things will be covered (rehearsal dinner, reception, cocktail hours, etc). Maybe throw in an extra event like brunch the day after the wedding if you want to go the extra mile. Getting the accommodation paid for by the bride/groom would have definitely been a massive bonus but not at all expected.
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    We're not paying for our bridal party.  If they asked for HELP paying for it, because they are VIP guests, I would work something out to help pay for them.  Unless it was a 'loan' where they'd pay me back, what I did for 1, I would do for all (so make sure you can afford it).

  •     We are doing a destination wedding at Disneyland. We are doing immediate family only. We have it in the budget to pay for our attendants hotel rooms. My mom went ahead and booked a room for my sisters family on her own, so I don't need to pay for that. We haven't heard from FI's brother yet if he wants us to get him a room, but we have the means to do so. 

       We were also willing to pay for our parents lodging but they took care of themselves already. We knew we didn't have to do this, but by picking a destination we were already asking a lot from people so we wanted to make it as easy as possible. 
  • The bridal party is all expected to pay for their rooms and travel but we are covering all meals and all drinks and paying for any activities for the three days for them. Also adding room baskets with essentials and night snacks each night, plus  a bottle of wine in room each night. Girls rooms will have fresh flowers in a gift take home vase. These touches help to make them feel appreciated and taken care of. This is provided by grooms parents.
  • We're getting married in Kauai, and our hotel is on the pricey end.  So, I'm paying for my bridal party's room for 4 nights so that its the price same for everyone.  They're paying for their flights.
  • We aren't paying for any lodging for out Bridal Party (except our daughters which are all in it) or the guests. I did however tell DH that I am willing to pay for one night of lodging for the best man because he is DH's closest cousin and has been helping us out so much lately. For us to pay for lodging for the Ring Bearer and one Flower Girl and their family would require lodging for 11 people (that's just their family). No Thank You!
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