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Day-After Brunch/Mimosa Bar?

We are hosting a brunch the morning after the wedding, at my parents house. We're thinking it'll run from 9-11/noon-ish and be open house style, so guests can come, grab some food (catered from a local bakery), and chit chat for a bit before heading out of town. We are also planning on having a mimosa bar with multiple juice options such as orange, grapefruit, strawberry, etc, offer fruit toppings, and also have sparkling grape juice and club soda for people who don't want alcohol. 

Two main questions:

1) How much champagne should we buy? Given the time of the day and the fact that almost everyone will be driving after the brunch, (I'm assuming that) the drinking won't be very heavy. I've read that 1 bottle will get anywhere from 5-10 glasses, depending on the pour...should I assume that since champagne is only 1/2 of what goes into a mimosa, I would be able to get 8-ish glasses per bottle? If there will be about 200 people, should we plan on 25 bottles?

2) This is more of a superficial question, but if the wedding the night before was pretty formal, should we invest in/rent glass champagne flutes, or could we get away with the bulk plastic ones that are much more cheap? Along the lines of the 1st question, should we have at least 200 glasses for 200 people, or would be be able to get away with less?

Have any of you ever hosted a mimosa bar? How did you plan it in terms of quantity of ingredients/supplies? Thanks :)
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Re: Day-After Brunch/Mimosa Bar?

  • lc07lc07 Sunny Southern California member
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    I don't think you'd get 8 glasses per bottle. The mixers in mimosas are usually just a little more than a splash, probably like two splashes. With that said, I really don't know how much to buy. I bought a ton of alcohol for our wedding and just kept what was left over. That was actually really fun til it ran out.

    I prefer to drink out of glassware. I dislike alcohol in plastic. But it's not an etiquette issue. I'd think you'd need a minimum of 1 glass per person. I'd personally purchase more. People set drinks down and forget which was which etc.

    Don't forget to count kiddos out if you are inviting anyone under age. (of course they'll still need a cup but a different kind would suffice.)
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