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What have you checked off the list?

I just thought it would be fun to compare where everyone is at in planning. My date is May 3rd 2015. I haven't done anything recently since I found out I was pregnant about 6 weeks ago, so I've mostly been focused on that! Now that I'm back at it, I booked our photographer today which was a huge check for me. So glad she was still available for our date!

So venue.... booked. (Still owe quite a lot though!)
DJ...... booked (75% still due)
Save the dates..... ordered
Photographer....... booked (50% still due)
Centerpieces..... purchased (doing my own flowers via so can't do that until much closer)

We're skipping transportation. And we have a tasting set up with a caterer for when we are in town next month. (Planning out of state)
What about you ladies?

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Re: What have you checked off the list?

  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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    I feel like we are so behind in a way lol. So far all we have is the venue booked. It is all inclusive though, so everything from food, open bar, linens, etc is taken care of. And that's it.

    Within the next few weeks I want to book the photographer, and DJ. I think flowers I will wait until later on in the year. Centerpieces I'm not sure about. I guess maybe just see how the florist package is.

    We need to decide what kind of STDs we want. I think I will order those towards the fall and send them in October/November.


  • All inclusive venues are like checking off many things at once though! The location, food, and most rentals (if any) are already taken care of. I don't think you're behind!

    I was actually starting to feel a bit behind. I came on here and when I posted, I noticed my ticker said 10 months and was like OMG MUST PAY FOR THINGS, NOW.

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  • I'm sending my STD's in September. I have a significant amount of OOT guests.

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  • We have chosen the venue and a date.  We have an appointment in a couple weeks to write/sign the contract.  The venue includes all the catering and related items, the cake, and the ceremony and reception areas so once it's booked, we'll have a lot of fun stuff to do--taste cake and food!
    I have my dress in my mom's closet and my shoes are on the way in the mail as we speak.
    I have my ring.
    We have a ceremony musician (my best friend).
    We have chosen an officiant but not yet given her a deposit.

    I vacillate between feeling on top of things and then feeling completely out of control and freaked out by how much there is left to do!
  • Hi everyone :) Our wedding is May 2. So far, we have chosen the date and venue, decided on the vendor for cheesecakes (not a huge fan of regular cake), bought my dress, picked bridesmaid dress colors, taken engagement pictures, and found a couple of BBQ places that we are going to try out soon for catering. I also may have found our photographer, but haven't officially booked with him yet. We will be sending out STD's in about a month, once we get engagement pictures back from the photographer. 
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  • lilacck28lilacck28 member
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    I feel like we've done a lot. We've booked:
    -a venue (fairly all inclusive: ceremony, reception, food, drink, cake, linens, tables, etc.)
    -a photographer
    -an officiant
    -I bought a dress
    -We made a wedding website (not showing this to anyone besides parents until save the dates go out)
    -We started a registry (not showing this to anyone besides parents until save the dates go out)
    -I have to check with my mom, but last I checked we blocked some rooms

    still to do:
    save the dates/ invitations 
    make up/ hair
    videographer (we're about using one)

    I guess DJ and videographer are the most time sensitive? I'm worn out from booking now! 
  • cmarr684cmarr684 member
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    So far we've booked:

    -venue (includes food and open bar, cake and linen and ceremony site)
    -bought my wedding dress
    -registry done
    -in the process of selecting hair and makeup people

    still to do:
    -finish designing and printing STDs and invites
    -bridesmaid dresses
    -set up cake tasting appointment
  • clarke10clarke10 member
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    We have: Venue (caterer included), Dress, Photographer, DJ, Officiant (starting premarital counseling in fall) We're doing engagement pictures next month. We're going BM dress shopping in August.
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    We don't have a whole lot booked at this point, but to be fair we haven't really even looked at anything the last couple of weeks.

    So far we only have our reception venue and photographer booked. However the venue includes the catering, bar, linens, etc, so that's taken care of, and the photographer said we can add on a video package later if we want. We're waiting to hear back from the officiant we want so we can't really confirm that or the ceremony location yet, but that's at the top of my list to confirm ASAP. We've also started our registry and are trying to add stuff on in chunks so it doesn't get overwhelming.

    Next up I think is going to be DJ and deciding on an invitation/STD design and getting that stuff ordered so it's done. I'm going to look at my grandmother's dress tonight, so fingers crossed it's in good shape and fits (or fits enough to be altered), otherwise I will be adding dress shopping to my current list!



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  • So far:
    Some decor (DIY-ing so gradual process)

    Almost booked but not 100% decided yet:

    Haven't even started:
    Dress Shopping
    Registry/Wedding website
    Flowers (doing those ourselves like you :))
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  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    Booked and deposits in:
    • Venue, all-inclusive: ceremony location and chairs, reception location, food, open bar, all tables/linens/etc, all staff, DOC, cake, uplighting
    • Photographer
    • Music: live musicians for ceremony and cocktail hour, DJ for dancing
    • My dress
    I'm finalizing our hotel blocks and guest shuttles today.

    Still on the list:
    • BM dresses
    • Groom (!) and GM attire
    • Flowers
    • Transportation (I think we may choose to just call a cab for the 5 minute ride)
    • Wedding website
    • Registry
    • Hair/Makeup (although I have a rough idea)
    Not on my list but still needs to get done:
    • RD.  FILs are hosting this.
    • Officiant.  Fi wants a religious officiant, I don't care, so it's his job.
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    "I'm not a rude bitch.  I'm ten rude bitches in a large coat."

  • Now that we've booked our venue I'm officially a May 2015 bride! We're getting married Memorial weekend Sunday (May 24th).

    Anyway we have:
    - Booked a ceremony venue (put down a 50% deposit)
    - Booked a reception venue (put down a 50% deposit)
    - I ordered my dress yesterday!
    - A DJ (family friend)
    - Spoke to our caterer, still need to sign a deposit
    - Colors picked out, letting BMs choose their own dress, we decided on GM rentals but haven't actually booked them yet
    - The first stages of some DIY decor, we're doing centerpieces ourselves too

    Still need:
    - Photographer (have a meeting scheduled)
    - Officiant (may ask one of my co workers who is a minister)
    - To figure out church decorations
    - Cake
    - STDs/invites
    - Website
    - Registry
    - Hair/Makeup
    - To block rooms
    - My shoes!
    - Figure out if we will provide ceremony to reception transportation (roughly 1 mile)
    - Linen and tableware

    I'm definitely feeling behind!!!
  • OhHeyLianaOhHeyLiana member
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    Venue is booked (will do both ceremony and reception there) and deposit paid. -Catering is booked with deposits. We may add some food trucks in but havent' decided yet. - Photographer booked and Engagement photos scheduled. -Bridesmaids (and MOH) chosen and informed. -Registry started -Website started. Need to alter it from just our announcement to add more since we didn't use a prebuilt site. -Colors chosen and a few other secret details we've begun working on.
  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    Woohoo - I'm veeerryyy close to signing contracts for:

    1) Rentals (chairs, china, silverware, glassware)
    2) Cockatil hour hor d'oeuvres + staff for entire event (from the same company)
    3) Hotel Room block (signed, mailing it back today)

    We already booked our photographer and venue, and dinner will be catered by a BBQ restaurant - we don't need to do the deposit for that for several months.

    The next big thing we need to do is find a DJ, and I have delegated that job to FI. I guess after that we'll focus on flowers and what I'm most looking forward to.... CAKE!
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  • Love seeing how far along everyone is! Here's what's checked off my list:

    Done and Done:
    - Booked reception venue (includes nothing at all - just the space)
    - Booked church with officiant
    - Scheduled rehearsal time
    - Booked Photographer (did engagement session)
    - Booked Caterer
    - Booked Day-of Coordinator
    - Reserved hotel block
    - Registries started
    - Website built
    - Wedding party all agreed to (letting bridesmaids pick their own dresses)
    - Colors chosen

    In progress:
    - Started looking at florists. I have 1 or maybe 2 more to consider
    - Designed our save the dates and invitation suite myself, but need to get those printed
    - Started looking at DJs. I have a favorite and we're going to see him DJ on August 2nd
    - Narrowed down our list of cake bakers. I think I want an old coworker to do it (she has her own cake company) but she just popped out a baby so we're going to do the tasting in September
    - Have tried on (too many) dresses. I think I know which one is the winner and I have an appt to go back to the shop on July 19th to try it on again!
    - Bought a pair of shoes on a whim in the BHLDN sale... but I think I want a different pair!
    - Have an idea of where we want the rehearsal dinner, but done no investigating
    - The DIYs for the centerpeices, welcome/gift tables, and photo booth are all just on my pin boards
    - Transportation - I think we're just going to use UBER's wedding code.

    Not yet started:
    - rentals
    - My FH wants a mariachi band for cocktail hour, so gotta figure that out...
    - Bar/bartenders
    - Hair/makeup
    - Groom and GM attire

    Anything I'm missing?

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  • JMS62415JMS62415 member
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    OMG I still have so much to do but thankful some big tasks are checked off. Our date is May 2nd.


    Venue: Ceremony is at the San Miguel Catholic Mission and reception is held at the church hall. It's gorgeous. 

    Photographer: Booked and Engagement photos were done. 

    Need to do: 

    Music: We're getting live musicians for the ceremony, hiring a guitarist for the cocktail hour, and a DJ for the reception. 

    Transportation: getting a limo to get there and we're providing shuttles for the guests. 

    Cake: We still need to go cake tasting and I think I know what design I want. 

    Dress shopping: Going on the 2nd

    Food: I know who we're going with but haven't booked yet. 

    Flowers: Again, I know what I want but haven't booked yet. 

    Rings: We went ring shopping but what I get depends on price. I might upgrade later. 

    I still need to send out the Save the Dates and pick out invitations. I have SO much to do!
  • glitter2015glitter2015 member
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    I was on a role but feel like I hit a few road blocks, just trying to get as much done as I can. 

    Checked off 
    Church and Priest 
    Pre-Cana (Catholic Marriage Prep) 
    Reception- this includes venue, rentals, and catering. (We are going for the menu selection tasting next month) 
    Videographer – (I wasn't going to have one but then found one that was actually in my very low price range) 
    My Dress is purchased and at my mom’s house, (It was a sample sale so it was only $250, yay!) I will get the minor alterations (Bustle) closer to the wedding date. 
    Just ordered our Save the Dates – will be sending them out in September In 

    Negotiations or almost checked off 
    Photographer – I thought this would be done by now, we know who we want, but just have to meet again to sign the contract and such. 
    DJ – this should have been done since my BIL is a DJ so his friends will be working the wedding, however they have been so slow getting back and actually finalizing. Hopefully soon. 

     Not Yet Started 
    I feel like there are too many to list! 
     Cake, Florist and Wedding Party Attire are the biggies, will work on these next. 

     Edit: Sorry I have paragraphs, but they dissapeared
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  • Bahamas0515Bahamas0515 member
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    Hello to my May bride sisters!!  
    i am super excited to see the progress we ALL have made on our lists!!  
    Since our wedding will be in the Bahamas we started the planning and depositing WAAAAAAY back in December.   As of today we have most things checked off the list in the May-August tab.  Things that are still hanging out there in the wind:

    ~Insuring the engagement ring (because i have to get it appraised with a bunch of other jewelry)

    ~Blocking the rooms (we are getting married at an all condo property, for 8 condos booked we get 10% off.) We will probably just block 8 3 bedrooms for now that can hold about half the invited guests.  anyone have any insight into that?

    ~Find a Florist Like a lot of us here there is a significant DIY element to our wedding.  My BMaids and i will be making all the bouquets and boutonnières and guests will be contributing to their own centerpieces with shells they pick up on the FABULOUS Treasure Cay Beach.  This is a sample bouquet i made for practice:
    We were fortunate enough to get an offer for two complimentary nights at our selected venue (Bahama Beach Club) back in May to check out the place and meet the staff at which time the resort coordinated a session with their preferred photographer to take some STD or engagement pictures. We are actually going to use them in the invitation (also DIY) because we sent the STDs when we returned from our recon mission.  The photographer (Randy Curry) did a fantastic job but with our limited budget we could only afford to book him for getting ready and ceremony time.  My MiL and photographer friend will be doing the reception and other events photos which is not going to SAVE us any money but is not going to BLOW OUT the budget either.  Here is an example of what Randy did for us with the recent photo session:
    We are beyond pleased with his editing and composition.

    I made out STDs in Open Office (yes i really did) and sent them to a local printer for production.  the cost was a _fraction_ of what we were initially quoted (2 sided glossy card) and the entire bill was under $80 for the STDs, envelopes and postage!  i found the picture online and simply added the text in text boxes.  The back has a link to our wedding website and a reminder that the invitation will follow shortly (again, destination wedding so we are sending the invites next month with an RSVP of Valentine's Day).  
    All in all i feel blessed that we are 'caught' up at the moment but i know that there is PLENTY on the checklist for the months to come!  i look forward to sharing this adventure with all you LOVELY May Brides!!  

    =) B0515
  • DONE:
    Wedding dress/shoes
    Bridesmaid dresses
    save the dates
    venue/reception location booked and paid for 
    Wedding flowers/decorations for ceremony/reception
    room blocks for guests
    transportation is done because our wedding location has an on site hotel so we will be staying there before and after wedding

    Still need to do:
    Taste/buy cake
    purchase Grooms ring
    send formal invitations
    jewerly for wedding party

    I am sure i am forgetting something lol
  • yogablossomyogablossom member
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    My gown and shoes
    Reception venue
    Ceremony Venue
    Engagement pictures

    Almost done:
    Bridesmaids dresses

    Still to do:
    Actually decide on bridesmaids dresses
    Book officiant
    Decide on and book honeymoon
    Save the Dates
    Finish wedding website
    Groom and groomsmen attire
    Wedding rings
    Cake tasting
    Food tasting
    Gifts for parents
    Gifts for wedding party
    Block out hotel rooms
    Plan rehearsal dinner

    Well, I've got quite a bit to do! I guess I'll carry on!

  • Ceremony Venue: Double Booked (in case first church closes its doors for good, we're penciled in the book at another church. All 100% Free of charge, even the officiant)
    Reception venue: Booked since February (they deal with all the food, cake, and linen crap, so I don't need to deal with that stuff)
    Dress: Purchased 
    Photographer: Booked
    Florist: Practically booked (we know which one we're going with and met with him. Just need to drop the deposit off)
    DJ: Booked
    Registry: started (wanted to finish it all in one day but both my fiance and I got tired of scanning things)
    Wedding site: started

    Because I'm letting my bridesmaids pick out their own dresses (as long as the dress is light purple/lavender, I'll be a happy camper. Since I'm so damn indecisive and hate dress shopping, I'm the last person who should be telling others on what they should wear), that takes a lot off my mind. Next on the list is Save-the-Dates, then blocking hotel rooms, getting transportation, and Pre-Cana stuff. 

    I'm approaching this stuff like I approach lesson planning: Get it done as early as possible so that I have time to relax later. 
  • I wouldn't say that i've got alot done, as I can be really indecisive at times!

    Venue: Location is in Florence, but in regard to venues, i'm still undecided amongst 3 , at the moment.

    Hair and makeup: sorted
    Music: in progress
    Cake: narrowed done to 3
    Catering: sorted
    Favours: sorted
    Save the dates: designed, but can't really send them out without a venue
    Photographer and Videographer: sorted, as he is a family friend
    Dress: designer found (haute couture designer Nabil Hayari),  we've discussed ideas and he has produced sketches

  • edited August 2014

    This is helpful to see what others have done who are getting married the same month!


    reception venue


    ceremony location

    engagement photos

    save the dates made

    photographer booked


    Florist booked


  • Are any of you ladies printing your own Save the Dates? Do you have any recommendations for where to get them printed? Staples seems to have a good price, but I wonder about the quality...

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  • Wow I feel behind compared to everybody else lol

    Ceremony and reception venues (food, cake, bar, desserts, photo booth and linen included) booked
    Booked my seamstress for my alterations 
    My dress and shoes are at my godmother's house

    I have appts with photographers later this month due to being moh in a friend's wedding on the 16th 

  • Done:

    Dress- Found it this weekend!



    Photographer- booked and engagement session setup


    Wedding Coordinator- Booked

    Flowers: Future Mother in Law is a florist so that comes in handy!

    Invitations- Have a local shop that already did our rough draft- just finalizing some details


    Working on:

    Website- 1/2 done

    Registry-1/2 done

    Dj- Found one I will probably hire

    Catering- Viewing menu's from a few companies to decide

    Bridesmaid Dresses- started looking, trying on in 2 weeks

    Rentals- Know who we're using just need to book with coordinator.

    We're having an engagement party in Sept. which has been slowing thigns down as I'm working with my mom on those details and guest list.


    The dress was the hardest part as I feel like I looked evertywhere but everythig is coming together now!

  • We're getting married that wknd to, but Saturday :)

    I have done:




    Photographer (semi)

    Still working on food and flowers which are my big ones right now. I feel so behind!

  • We're getting married May 29th and so far:

    venue/date: booked
    DJ:  booked
    photographer: booked
    florist: booked
    STDs: ordered & received
    bridesmaid dresses picked out
    hotel arrangements - chosen, still have to sign contract for room blocks

    still have to:
    get my dress -starting this weekend!
    book transportation
    groomsman attire

  • Date is 5/15/15:

    Wedding Planner: booked (50% deposit)
    Venue: booked (deposit made...still have huge balance)
    Hotel block: done
    Videographer: booked (25% deposit made)
    Dress: ordered

    Still have to-
    Book Photographer (should be done by next week)
    Decor/Rentals (chivari chairs etc)
    bridal party attire
    STD & Invitation (already picked out...just not ordered)

  • I'm happy to say that I am getting close to having everything done. All of my vendors are booked, plus my hotel block is all set!

    I picked my bridesmaid dresses earlier this month and my dress should be in by the end of the summer. I will be working on DIY projects (favors, decorations, etc) for a while though! I just started researching invitations and honeymoon options.

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