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Destination Wedding Invations. when to send?

We're getting hitched in Hawaii next year and guests are already asking about invitations. I started a website for all of those detaisl...but when is the right time to send the invites for a destination wedding???

Re: Destination Wedding Invations. when to send?

  • 12 weeks is the absolute earliest they can be sent, and that's pushing it. I think 9-10 weeks ahead is good. 

    I'd contact your nearest and dearest - those people you really want to be there - so they can plan ahead. Otherwise, 10 weeks is fine to send invites.
  • Have you sent any save the dates? You can send those until you send the invites. Most recommend sending them 6-8 weeks in advance. Although I'll probably send them out a little earlier since we'll be having a destination wedding as well and I have a few family members who live outside of the country who we are inviting and a couple I know will be attending.
  • You can send out Save the Dates 9-12 months before the wedding.  that way people can start booking travel arrangements. Invites go out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. 10 weeks tops for a destination wedding.   But, if you send out STDs... I would stick with 8 weeks.
  • I just sent out save the dates for my March 2013 destination wedding. I know family wanted to get planning, so I wanted them to have the details. I also included our wedding website URL on them.

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    Because you're right about at the year mark, I would send save the dates now and put together an informational wedding web site. Then send your wedding invitations at the normal time (6-8 weeks) or just a touch earlier at 10 weeks.

    edit: Sorry didn't read that youo'd already done the web site. Good call.
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    My planning was cut short so I didn't have time to do STD's, so my invites went out at 3 months.  I've known of others that sent out their invites even sooner, but it's really up to you.  There's always a danger or the invitation being lost or forgotten if it is sent out too far in advance.
  • I'm getting married June 2013, destination as well.
    My save the dates are going out in late September, invites in early Jan. 
    Wedding website will be on the save the dates so people can begin to plan asap.

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