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Day of Coordinator

I'm considering hiring a day of coordinator for my wedding. Some of my reasons for wanting to hire one are: I have several items that I will need shipped to Vegas for the wedding and will need someone to receive them, I am not hiring a DJ and it would be nice to have someone to announce certain events during the reception (first dance, toasts, etc.), I will need someone to escort my guests from the wedding (Caesar's Palace) to the reception (Joe's) so they don't get lost, and to make sure the vendors arrive to the reception venue on-time and set everything up like I want. It would also be nice having someone there to address all of the little things that go wrong that I'm haven't anticipated yet! I'm just not sure at this point if the cost of hiring one would be worth it.

Let me know your thoughts! Have you hired or are considering hiring a day of coordinator for your wedding? Who have you hired or looked in to? What were your reasons for hiring one? How much do they cost?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Day of Coordinator

  • I have looked into a few...they were more than I was hoping. Here is what I have found: 

    Kelly Stewart Events: Starts @ $900
    Simply Weddings: $220 per hour
    Faithfully Yours: $750
    Scheme Events: Wasn't availble
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  • We used Culinary Pro's, they were fantastic!

    They started at $40/hr when I hired them. Their website says nothing about day of coordinators but they do offer it as an option. Just email them and ask.   
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  • Thanks @KikiMira. I just emailed them :) $40/hr sounds much more reasonable than $220/hour!
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  • mspennmspenn member
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    I wish I had hired one for our at home reception.
  • Wow that is a lot more expensive than what I was hoping for! I may have to look into Culinary Pro's as well...
  • Do it. It's the one thing I wish I had done for mine, especially if you're coming in from out of town. Totally worth the money.
  • You are welcome! I did get quotes back starting at $1100... Someone cross posted Culinary pros and the total bill with tip was less then $500. Definitely the best decision of the day! 
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  • I hired Faith from Faithfully Yours Events.  She is charging me $50/hr with a 4 hr. minimum.  So $200.  I dropped a bunch of boxes off to her last week (you can ship them if that's more convenient).  She's going to coordinate on the day of with my vendors and also help with reception set up.  That will only take about 2 hours though and I'm not sure what I will have her do for that other two hours.  She keeps telling me "whatever I need" but I don't know what that is!!!  I wish she would tell ME!
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  • Damn, I just noticed @hmgiffor say Faith quoted her $750.  Was that for full-on wedding planning?  Can't be just day of coordination, can it?  That's WAY high for her.
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  • bdoughty324bdoughty324 member
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    I got in contact with Faith and she quoted me $500 for day of services...I gave her some things that I would be needing assistance with for the wedding day, so maybe she's pricing me based off that? I would much rather be paying $50/hr.!
  • Yea I would love to pay $50/hour. I got an email that states "Ok, I can certainly assist you with coordinating of your day. My Day of Coordination fee is $750.00.Please let me know if you want me to send you a proposal." 

    I guess I'll see what Culinary Pros quotes me and if it's more than I thought I will reach out to Faith again with how much she quoted you. It's really interesting that we seem to have so many different quotes for the same people :(
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  • Faiths prices have definently gone up. I am paying $500. I think shes gotten really busy now.
  • dbacksgirldbacksgirl member
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    @hmgiffor, if you get a proposal, can you please let me know what Faith includes with it?  I asked for one and she listed a vendor coordination and reception decor setup but when I asked her to be more specific, she sent me a new proposal with "Provide assistance as directed."  As I mentioned before, the whole reason I want a DOC is to help me figure out what it is that I need.  Faith has been super accommodating with me in terms of responding right away to emails, etc. and she met me at my hotel to pick up a a bunch of boxes of decor.  I like her but I really thought a wedding coordinator was supposed to tell US what was/is going on.  Maybe I'm wrong. 

    As for her schedule, I do know she's busy.  She was booked several of the days I was in Vegas last week and we worked around that.  It probably depends on the day of the week, too.  I'm getting married on a Friday.  I bet Saturdays are more expensive.  That's how it's been with almost all the other vendors I've worked with.

    @Rosebubbly, MissMo used Culinary Pros for DOC and said they were fantastic.  I've been in contact with Sari (the owner) about possible DOC (before we hired Faith) and I may hire Culinary Pros for our Meet & Greet the day before.  They do all KINDS of stuff.  Sari's really cool, too.  It seemed a little weird to me to go with them for DOC but I've heard several awesome reviews, have enjoyed talking with Sari, and for $40 a hour, that's hard to beat!
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  • I went ahead and hired Faith because of her great reviews on here, and several people saying it was the best money they could have spent. Feeling less stressed knowing I've got someone on my side ensuring everything runs smoothly!
  • @dbacksgirl‌ I think a doc is truly just there to coordinate vendors and day of decor as directed and needed by you. I think if you want the full service thing where they provide you with direction, suggestions and ideas I think that's more the full service wedding coordinator you'd be looking for. Although I think faith may have included a timeline service in her proposal...I can't remember. I traded a lot of emails with scheme events and while they're pricey, they are definently more full service.
  • That's my understanding anyway but I could be wrong...I guess I've never had a DOC before. Lol!
  • Yeah, I already had a timeline done and sent it to Faith in Excel and she just retyped it and put it in her format. LOL! Oh well, knowing my reception decor will be handled and that I don't have to deal with any potential vendor issues while I'm trying to get married will be two less things I have to worry about and it's not that expensive. I think you're right about scheme events being more full service. I talked to one DOC who handled EVERYTHING and I think they'd be amazing but it was $3500 for ONE DAY. Waaaaaaaaay out of my budget!
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  • I hired Faith for our wedding in May. If you want someone to tell you what to do, I don't think she's the route to go. If you want to tell someone what you want and then have them execute it, like become a clone of you to do the stuff you won't be able to do because you're getting married and all that fun stuff, then she's your girl. 

    Also, you get what you pay for. If you want someone to direct the day and give you advice and kind of take the lead on things, then your'e definitely going to pay more than what Faith charges. But, she did what I needed her to, I was able to send her stuff and she packed it all up and sent it back, and it was $500. 

    There were still a few hiccups or things we went back and forth on that she ended up not remembering and going with the original direction rather than the new direction (like who was going to be announced in our grand entrance and the order of the traditional dances - first dance, father/daughter and mother/son), but the DJ ended up working it all out the way we wanted. Also, she put some things in the wrong places, but that may have been lack of direction on my part and because it was outdoors and windy. 

    Regardless, just being able to send her stuff saved us money, so it was worth it! And, she coordinated with all of our vendors, which was nice.
  • And I just realized @rosebubbly said the exact same thing I did in the first paragraph. :)
  • I hired Lilian with G.O.H time events she is great and responsive and very detailed oriented. I have review for her on Weddingwire she is great I highly recommend her. I use the day of coordination services. All of things you mentioned you need done were all of the things I needed as well and she excuted all of them.
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