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Air Force Bride

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I am an Air Force bride, my fiance is at his first base while I stay and finish nursing school. We are really really excited about getting married and want get married as soon as he gets back stateside. I am curious to all the other military wives out there... How long does it take for me to get on his orders? We want to be able to be together after I finish nursing school, so I was wondering like when we get married will it take a while for me to be able to move where he is and for him to get benefits like for housing and all of the other stuff? My fiance was stationed overseas right after we got engaged and so we have spent several months apart and so for us we just want to get married and get back to being together in the same city. Thanks y'all!

I hope that this is posted in the right board!

Re: Air Force Bride

  • If he has already executed his orders, he cannot claim you as a dependent if you were not married before the execution of those orders. For example, I received orders to XYZ in March, and executed them in April. I had gotten married prior to April, I would be able to claim my new husband as a dependent. Now that I have already executed my orders, and am currently stationed at XYZ, my fiance will have to move out here on our own dollar. The next time we PCS, he will be on my orders, and the military will pay to move both of us.  This time, they won't. You must be married at or before the time the orders are executed.

    Is that what you wanted to know?
  • Hi. Also a USAF fiance. My fiance's Staff Sergeant said that if we were married before he showed up to his first duty station that they would change his orders. After reading the reply from rmkuffel though, I hope they are not feeding us incorrect information.
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