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Longshadow Ranch Winery

hey all, I wanted to ask you ladies, have any of you had or know someone who has had their wedding at this winery in Temecula, Ca.??  I was thinking about this place, but I was  a lil uneasy about how it works, and if it is more of a do it yourself kind of place or what..  Any info at all would be great thanks girls!!!

Re: Longshadow Ranch Winery

  • My Fiance and I are having our wedding there this October. They have vendors available for you but you can always find them yourself. Shannon is the coordinator but has been on Maternity leave and is not as available as I would like. She is very good and getting things put together for you such as tastings. She gives good advice and will answer any questions you have. I hope this helps. I am so excited about our small and casual wedding at longshadow.
  • Okay, cool, I have been talking to Samantha, since I guess Shannon is on Maternity leave....  I love this place, and I see that you are getting married there on a Saturday too, were you a lil uneasy about the band they have playing???  We're getting married there September 22 :)
  • I went on a wine tasting tour back in November of 2011. I am a horse girl and fell in love with LSR when we went. My fiance really wants to have our wedding at a Temecula winery. The LSR seems to be one of the easier going places as well as most reasonably priced.
  • Hi! Did anyone ever get back to you on Longshadow and getting married on a Saturday? I am getting married there in October on a Saturday, and I am VERY nervous about the bonfire going on at the same time!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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