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Nevada-Las Vegas


Has anyone used this website?

I got an email from the knot with this website for booking group rates at hotels.  

I've put in for a bid from Aria and Monte Carlo via this site.  
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Re: Jetaport

  • Wish I had known about this before I spent a month going back and forth with different hotels! It seems pretty easy. I just sent in a request, will compare it with what I already heard from the hotel.
  • Can't wait to see what the difference is.  I've already heard back from the company wanting to know if there were anymore specifics as to my room block I wanted them to know when negotiating my rates.  I can't wait to see what they come back with.  I think the rates are good for 2 weeks, so if they are really good rates, I'm going to tell anyone that I know for sure is going to book now!
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  • @vegasbaby2015, did you hear back and compare to what the hotel gave you?
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  • So far the one where I already had a quote from the hotel came in too good to be true. I asked a few questions about it and they are "looking into it". Two more hotel offers came in not very good (have to guarantee 80% of the rooms are used, pay deposit, and only like 5% discount). Still waiting on 2 more hotels.

    Did you hear back yet?

  • I heard back on one hotel.  The rates aren't as good as we'll be able to get online when its closer to the date, but I think they are reasonable for "just in case" purposes (like, if a fight gets announced or something).  I did specify that I wanted no financial obligation.  I'm sure the rates are better if you don't do that, but I don't want to be responsible for unbooked rooms!
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  • Agreed. They weren't as good as the room blocks I received from the hotel directly. But it was worth a try :)
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  • Update: I got a quote from Monte Carlo from both this website and the resort itself.  Jetaport was slight less.  Just an FYI!
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  • Did anyone go with one of the Jetaport offers? I am persuing the "too good to be true" room block rate and hoping it is true. It's for the Cosmopolitan, and much better than anything else I've found.
  • I think I'm going to lock in with Jetaport for the Monte Carlo block I want.  I read a lot of reviews for the site on reputable websites, many news websites (msn, cnn, etc). 

    Aria would not honor my request via Jetaport.  Only via communication directly with the hotel.
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  • @vegasbaby2015‌ - do you mind sharing what Jetaport have you for the Cosmo rate? I am looking into room blocks with Cosmo but was working directly with hotel. Curious what rate you are getting and for what time period? Thks!
  • FYI - just an update.  I have entered into contract with Jetaport for Monte Carlo.  I have the contract signed by both parties.  If anyone wants to see the details, just let me know! :)
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  • I also used Jetaport for my contract with Cosmopolitan. They got a much better deal than I got through the hotel directly.

    I recommend trying Jetaport, it can't hurt! I'm so glad I did :)

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