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Honoring sister who is not a bridesmaid

My oldest sister lives abroad and is not one of my bridesmaid.  We had also had some conflict in the past (she was not a huge fan of the groom) but since we have been engaged they have gotten along much better.  We are including her in the day by having her announce us for our entrance.  My fiance's sister is also not a bridesmaid (significant age difference, lots of close friends) and she is doing a reading at the ceremony.  I am putting together the programs and every member of my family (parents and younger sister who is a bridesmaid) and all members of my fiance's family (including sisters son who is the ring bearer) are on the program, except for my sister.  I don't want her to feel excluded, especially because I think she is a little sad she isn't in the wedding.  How can I include her?  I was thinking about having an "honored guests' section and include her and maybe grandparents, but I'm not sure if there is a precident or a better option.  Help!

Re: Honoring sister who is not a bridesmaid

  • It's really not necessary to do anything. But if you really want to, I think you could have "family" sections in your programs. It sounds like you're already listing your parents and thinking about listing your grandparents....

    So in other words, you'd have the order of the ceremony in general terms (e.g. "processional, etc.."). And then you'd have a section called "Family" and list your parents, g-parents and siblings. Again, it's completely unnecessary, but an option if you really want to see her name in print. 

    Otherwise, just give her a seat in the front row for the ceremony and seat near you for the reception. That is plenty.

  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    Get your sister a corsage and have her seated before the moms, pre-processional. She may choose her own escort. I like your idea of listing your sister and the grandparents in the program as honored guests. You could ask your sister to be an usher or ask her to be a reader. 

  • I don't know anything about your religious/ceremony practices, but can there  be two readings?
  • danamwdanamw member
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    Some receptions I have been to, they would do something like this. The DJ makes an informal announcement that "the bride would like to dedicate a song for her sister, who came her from (country)".

    The sister stands up, waves, the song plays. If that could possibly be done, it might be the thing.

    Just my opinion, too many readings gets monotonous.

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