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Hi everyone,
I thought I had secured the woman who did our invitations to also do our wedding programs (Wedding is soon- Aug 8th), but she has not been getting back to me.  I am a bit concerned, because we only have a little over two weeks at this point.  Could anyone recommend a person or place to do our programs on our own?  
Thanks in advance!

Re: Program help!

  • We designed the programs ourselves and printed them at Kinkos. It definitely would help you with the time crunch as there are tons of templates online.

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  • I didn't do wedding programs for my wedding. I'm glad I didn't. It saved me money and it really didn't fit in our budget. I think they are a waste, in my opinion. I photograph weddings too, so I see them being wasted all the time.  The night before our wedding, we stayed at a hotel where there was a ceremony going on. Later in the evening, there was a table of like 200 programs just sitting there...probably ended up in the garbage. I said something to my husband about it and we both agreed it was a waste of money.  But to each his/her own.
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